Monday, January 29, 2007

A little piss and vinegar

Some days we all have days like this... the total attitude. Im feeling like that right now. I swear if I go look in the mirror and put my hand on my hips I'd have the same look on my face. At least it's late enough that I wont have to feel agitated at my sweet husband. (who was awesome to me today)
Ive had an evil migraine since Saturday night. I was able to take something and have it reduced to a dull ache for most of the day... but its bad full force and I feel drugged from the medicine Ive been taking. Matt tried to make me feel better.... he even took me to the flower factory and was (semi) patient while I looked at EVERYTHING and stood smiling while I contemplated if I really needed a gigantic $8 bottle of mod podge. I love that man!
*and THANK YOU to my crazy cupid for my little birdy stamp!!**

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A little ode to Floyd

I love Pink Floyd and I especially love the song Learning to fly. I think I bonded with it in college while I was searching for myself. One night while reliving old times in my little scrap "hole" I decided to scrap the lyrics. I love the colors of this layout! I glued sequins to the chipboard heart and I immediately wanted more.

*Note to self.... by more sequins*

You can listen to the song
Here on Song #2

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Im a dumb blonde!

Yes... me! I for some reason had set my blog to only post comments I approve. I didnt know I did that! I was playing around my blog today and I found them.... all the awesome comments you gals have been leaving me the last few months. I always thought nobody loved me! Anyway... if you left me a note and felt ignored... Im so sorry! I can tell it it was quite awesome reading them all tonight in one sitting. I have been having a blah week and you gals totally made me smile!
Thank you XXOO!!

Wedding fun

Something wonky always happens at weddings. At mine my brother Ede got a flat tire on the way to the reception. My dad and my brother both stopped to help him change it. This picture my dad took on the side of the road of my 3 brothers, my brothers best friend and my sister (in the car) is just priceless! I kept the layout fairly simple to show off the pic!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shades of Grey

Its been a long week. Work has been super boring... and of course super boring leads to no $.... No $ leads to no supply fix. I hate January.

Im very excited this afternoon. I just got an email from Basic Grey and they approved the cute little frame magnet for the online gallery. I know this isnt a big deal to most... but I was doing a little happy dance like 3 minutes ago. It was the first and only thing Ive submitted them and Basic Grey is probably my favorite. Anyway... here's the linky Basic Grey gallery

I so cant wait til the 4 new lines come out!! (sneak peeks start tomorrow)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Holy Crazy Cupid Batman!!!

Looky what I discovered after running around crazy all day. It was just what I needed today!! Thank you Thank you Crazy Cupid!!

This gorgeous box is filled with bunches of Rhonna Farrer stamps, an acrylic block, 2 heart candleholders, a gorgeous beaded heart, a wicked cool deck of truth or dare cards and lots of scrumptious cherry chocolate kisses!

Everything is so so me and it totally made my day :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our Life: 2006

My funky little mini book. I really love it so. I know its kinda random and funky... but that's what I like about it. I sanded and modpodged a board book... covered it is the adorable Bam Pop! and Ki grateful. Papers and alot of the embellishments came from Poppy Ink November Kit. I did alot of doodling... and there's a ton of bling.

I cant wait for the new line of Bam Pop! papers to come out at CHA.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Ode to lip balms

I have another addiction besides scrapbooking. I am a lip balm hoe. I cant help myself. I buy tons and tons... all different kinds. I am never anywhere without some sort of lip product.

*My favorite for hurting lips is definately Carmex
*My favorite for sunburned dry lips is Burt's Bees (I love the tingle)
*Body Shop Born Lippys taste mah-velous!
*One cant live without a lipsmacker or 2
*Keihl's is so soothing

I will try any new blam I see! I love having a variety to choose from. I have at least one in every purse, car, coat pocket and room. I hate hate hate it if my lips feel chapped or dry.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Old pictures

I love pictures from the 70's. I could sit looking at big boxes of pictures all night and be content. I found this one of me in an album that belonged to my great grandmother. I so love my outfit and my adorable little hat. What really rocks my socks is that I still have that little horsie in a box somewhere. I loved it so much I saved it for my kiddos. I cant wait to scrap this pic!

I love this picture too! Me and Butchie (what I called Matthew when we were kids) We loved low ridin on the big wheel. :)Dontcha just dig my argyle vest with matching socks. Ive always been a fashion diva ;)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Its a New Year baby!

I started making goals for myself somewhere around last June. I had been so busy with the wedding I hadnt had time to do anything for almost a year. (and the stuff I had done was pretty sad) Ive spent the last 6 months growing in my art (can I call it art) I learned, I eveolved, I found my style.

In 2006 I did think I did great. I made small goals and I pushed myself thru them. I made it onto 2 design teams. I won 3 layout contests. I scrapped 30 layouts in 30 days (2x)Ive tried new products, expanded into stamping. I even made a gigantic presentation board of pictures for the wedding.

I cant wait to see what 2007 brings me.

I want to be published
I want to do at least 250 layouts
I want to do at least 5 mini books
I want to do an awesome job for Eye Candy
I want to do more altered projects
I want to do more challenges
Here's a little layout I did last month. The picture is my sister Hannah and I (probably about 7 years ago) at Mario's Spa. :) I inked the entire thing silver. I the crown stamp is Rhonna Farrer. I inked and marbled the cherry arte chipboard flowers.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Im a candy Girl!!!

I am so excited to be designing for Eye Candy Kits! I still cant believe it and Ive known for a week! I cannot wait to get my first kit! I was drawn to this particular kit because they are what they say... Pure Eye Candy! Romantic, sweet and a little spunky. I love the unique embellishments they offer. January's tags blew me out of the water. Run to check out this kit before it sells out AGAIN!