Sunday, June 29, 2008

RIP dear pc

Last Thursday afternoon I lost something near and dear to me....

my desktop computer

....She was my friend and constant companion. I could always turn to her when faced with a boring afternoon. She will be sorely missed (May she rest in pieces on my office floor)

Okay but seriously, my PC crashed!!!! The sucker wont boot. :( Good news is the hard drive isnt fried so I should have no problems recovering the last month or so with of pictures. (I am lucky to have a hubby who is a computer master!) Bad news is she is definitely TOAST and I will have to buy another. Problm is I dont have $500 to do that at the moment. So until such time as I get a new computer I am stuck using Matt's ghetto laptop.

How can a laptop be ghetto you say? Its not that its slow or old, its just broken. I can only see the screen with a flashlight so I have to hook the moniter to it...and for some reason it cant hold a connection to save its life. Sometimes it lasts a 1/2 hour, other times minutes before I have to try and reconnect. Its a pain in the balls let me tell you.

Honestly ... even if it was new and perfect its still not MINE. I feel lost without bookmarks and I seriously cant remember which password goes where. So if I havent been around as much lately... this is why. Matt is going to buy me an ethernet cable so I dont have to rely on the wireless and can stay connected. Here's hoping that is soon. My house is way too clean already.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I got so much done today Im kinda proud of myself. I finished my errands very early and had the evening to cook and get a few things done around the house. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup, chicken salad and prepped a bunch of stuff for later in the week. Dinner Tuesday and Thursday will be so easy as I have meals ready to basically dump into the crockpot when I get up. Its nice to have the fridge stocked full of healthy food. Im trying not to eat junk as much as possible. I just wish I could rid myself of the coca cola. I bought some Apple juice. Here's hoping it helps with the sugar fix. I really want to lose 20lbs.

I stopped at target and bought some fun things. A straw fedora and big white sunglasses to wear on the boat, a super cute hoodie, a few fun headbands for work and the Flight of the Conchords CD. I watched the HBO series and just fell in love with the goofy novelty band from New Zealand. Here is a song that just seriously cracks me up! They have many many more. Check out Youtube for lots of silly clips.

Unfortunately my productivity didnt include any scrapping... but there is always Wednesday :)Here are a few that I havent shared here yet. The 2nd one uses the ticked from the show and a photo of dh and I in front of the theater.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anything Goes!

Matt and I had the pleasure of going to see a production of Anything Goes this past Thursday evening at the Porthouse Theater. It was just fantastic. Not only was the acting great but it was so funny! And the music.... wow! (I really LOVE musicals)

This was my first play at the Porthouse and it definitely wont be my last. The cool thing is it is an outdoor theater! Next time I will be packing a big picnic so we can go a bit early and enjoy the scenery. They have boxed dinners you can buy, but I think it would be oh so romantic to pack my own and bring a bottle of wine.

I cant wait for the next play which is based on Alice in wonderland. too cool!

Ive had some time to create lately and Ive had some fun playing with my supplies. I made this funky pink card for the latest Caardvarks challenge. Ive been loving the cardboard look that's been poppin up. I ripped a box top in half and then inked it pink. Then I added some black ink to the edges. I then had to glitz it up The birdie is a stamped image that I turned into an epoxy chipboard embellie.

Unfortunately the photo really washed it out. I need to take a picture is daylight. Im really proud of it... it looks so much cooler in person. I need to rip up boxes more often (its not like I dont have any with all the ripped open priority boxes in my hallway)

I also got to make a few ATCs. I havent played in this medium for probably 2 years. I dont know why I ever stopped. (well I never really got started I only made a few and they sucked!) I think Im hooked. Its a good way to use my stamps (which is a good excuse to buy more) I cant find my precut cards and I was too lazy to cut more, so I just used a deck of playing cards I had laying around.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A croppin I will go

Why is it every time I go to my mother's to crop I feel the need to somehow shove every bit of everything I can possibly fit into my suitcase and then panic that I will need something I didnt bring? I mean seriously... Im going to maybe a 3 hour crop. That is usually 3 layouts most of which are created with my current dt kit. But I obsess! I obsess AND make a mess of my scraproom in the process. Im digging out stamps and paint (like it will have time to dry.. hello) punches and tools. I could stop the insanity right now just by zipping up the bag... but I wont.

Fathers Day was so nice. I stopped to see my stepdad for a bit then headed over to a cookout at my brothers. I got to hold my wiggly lil nephew for awhile and enjoy the food and sunshine. My brother lives close to the municipal airport where there was an airshow. We had our own private view of all the planes from his backyard. We didnt need to hear what they were... my dad already knew and would tell us as they flew by. (he really loves anything with an engine) It was a wonderful day.

Here are a few layouts using the last Poppy Ink kit. Sassafras Lass (my favorite!!) and heidi swapp! Hello... how can you go wrong there?? Dont my nieces look sweet covered in MUD?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I had the privilege of working in the crafts area of a camp for childhood cancer this past weekend. We created framed 8x10 "About ME" layouts to send home with them. It was so fun working with the kids. I just loved watching the create and play with the papers. I didnt give them an example on purpose. I didnt want them restricted to a certain look. I designed an About Me journal block for them to fill out and the just let them loose. Its interesting how some automatically went 8x10 and how others quickly chose 10x8.

Thank you so much to my tally girls, Sara R., Leah and Julie for their generous donations. It was so fun watching the kids dig through the piles of embellishments and get excited when they find the perfect thing.

Speaking of tally... its almost time for the June kit "Sweeet Emooooootion" to go on sale. (the song is soo in my head at the moment) You dont want to miss the Aerosmith inspired goodness of this rockin kit. (and I cant tell you how much I really LOVE Aerosmith.... I grew up listening to them) Here's 4 layouts I finished in the last 2 days using the kit

It goes on sale at tallyscrapper on June 15th!