Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bow chicka bow wow

Ohhhhh Cap'n Jack Sparrow. I never thought a dirty man in makeup would turn me on, but you do it for me. Of course underneath you are the ever so hot Johnny Depp, so Im sure that helps :) I just love the Pirates of the Carribbean movies. Ive seen the original like 20 times.

Its almost Halloween time and we have been busily starting to plan the halloween party at work. Tomorrow I get to do my favorite part... the decorating. Im sure I'll come home with web in my hair and plastic spiders in my pockets. I need to remember to save a few for future scrappiness anyway.

Speaking of halloween, Ally scraps is having a Halloween project contest. Details are found here. Winners will recieve gift certificates to the store. (and they have some killer stuff including the rusty pickle pink pirate stuff used in this layout)