Thursday, June 29, 2006

**5 things**

I got this from a message board :) I challenge you all to blog it too!

5 Things always in my fridge:
**Skim Milk, **green/red peppers **Yogurt **lunchmeat **cheese

5 things in my closet:
**My wedding dress **my massive shoe collection **my not so massive designer purse collection **a box of swimsuits and towels **a pile to be drycleaned

5 things in my purse:
**Caramex **BBW moonlight path hand cream **migraine medication **gum **cell phone

5 things in the trunk of my car:
**golf clubs **extra pair of sneakers **pink emergancy kit **spare tire **water

5 things on my DVR/Tivo:
**As the world turns **The 4400 **Sex in the city **Family Guy **Good Eats

Rides at the Fair

Anyone sick of the fair yet?

Im so in love with these country fair rubber stamps! Its even renewing my love for stamping on my scrap pages!

Club stamp/scrap has fantasticlly cool unique rubber stamps. I got a ton of unmounted rubber for dirt cheap at the sale they had/have.

Thursday Bloggers Challenge

From here at 2peas

what is your dream summer vacation?

Since I just got back from Aruba... Ive had my paradise fix for the summer! ;)

My dream any vacation is to go to Italy. Venice, Milan, the tuscany region... *sigh* I want to go to Rome most of all. I studied Rome, myths and Latin in high school and college and Ive always dreamed of going.

Of course my husband doesnt really want to go to Europe... ever. I guess I'll have to talk my mom into going with me... someday.

<3 Fair Play <3

These are more pictures from the Tuscarawas County Fair in 2005. We played alot of games just so we could win these stuffed family guy characters. We got a bunch of them... although I think we are missing Meg. Matt even won me Puss.... in BOOTS!

Stamps and papers are Country Fair by Club Scrap.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday Bloggers Challenge

From here at 2 peas.

**what whould be on your scrapbook wish list? (if money was not an object) **

1. A Cricut
2. Id join 3 more monthly kits or more I love kits
3. Lots of fabulous inks and rubber stamps
4. a rainbow of primas
5. bunches of chipboard

(and I coulda had bunches of lovely Heidi Swapp chipboard if QVC wouldnt have hung up on me today. Of course by the time I called back it was sold out!

Tuscarawas County Fair

This is the first page of my fair pictures. Matt and I went one night last year to blow off some wedding steam. Its a bit south of here, but we love fairs and happily drove down.

I can say it was the first time I ever saw a fair have stir fry... and it was actually good! We got lots of everything and split it. He even was good while I looked at all the photo contest photos and the crafts.

Rubber stamps and papers are Club Scrap Country Fair.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sarah & Matt

This picture is one of the first I have of the two of us together. Its about 5 years old. I think we'd been together about 2 weeks. I had driven down here to see him because Id had a really bad day and I needed cheering up. Id been crying for a bit. He took me to see Christmas lights and we watched a movie at the store. He made me feel like my problem wasnt the end of the world... and helped me work thru it. All this after just 2 weeks. No wonder I fell for him so early.

He saw this today and said... Havent you scrapped that picture before? (it was the first pic of us I ever scrapped... he remembered)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

pLaYiNg PoOl 2002

These pictures are poor quality but I couldnt resist. These were taken back in 2002 when Matt (my then boyfriend, now husband) and my brother Matthew were teaching my brother Josh (then 11) how to do a bunch of pool tricks. Josh already knew how to play and the 3 of them spent a few hours that thanksgiving playing together.

Paper and embellishments SEI Paisley & Petals from the June classy pack from Classy Coordinates. Prima got flowers and mini brads.

Moving in 2004

August 2004... moving! Ugh!!!!! This was horriffic! Our old landlords were trying to screw us so we packed up and moved in one weekend. Problem was the new place we were moving into was brand new... and not ready yet. Not for 2 weeks! We had to put everything in storage for those 2 weeks.

Moving in was hot! Your evil humid 95 degree Ohio August afternoon. We had gathered a big group of people who we promised free food and cold beer to help us unload storage and carry everthing upstairs to out loft.

It was a long day! These pictures my mom took of my brothers Matthew & Ede, my sister Hannah and my grandma and I goofing off and being silly trying to beat the heat.

Page was created for the K: Knots, Kinetics and Keepsakes challenge at the classy scrapper forums.

Paper is imagination project Murray hill. Magic scraps embellishments. Envelope contains a spare key to the loft. I doodled on the tag. Ribbons came with Coordinates Collections January kit.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Greektown Casino

May? or maybe April... anyway 2005, Matt, his mom, his sister and I boarded a bus that drove us up to Detroit, MI to the Greektown casino for the day.

We had a blast! We even made enough money to pay for our food and the trip. I was rockin the slots while Matt was hanging out at the roulette table.

This picture was taken right before we got on the bus to go home. We were a tad bit tipsy and really goofy.

Papers are Provo Craft and Diane's Daughters. I distressed real playing cards with a nailfile, inked the edges of all the papers and doodled on the SEI cardstock alpha stickers.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yes I am such a dork!

That's right.. I scrapped my marriage liscense. I just took a photo copy and played around. I know this makes me a dork, but I so dont care!

Paper is KI memories Hopeful Skinny Stripe and Sweet Pea.

Heidi Swapp chipboard ink chalked pink w/ ek success chalks. Prima flowers affixed w/ doodlebug mini brads in lily white. MM Rubons, and charmed words. Rob & Bob Studio Craft Candy in flower frenzy. Ribbon is from May Coordinates Collections kit.

Nap Time

Flamingo Beach: Reniassance Island, Aruba.

Matt is so funny! He slept so much on our honeymoon... mostly just little 20 minute naps here and there.

He fell asleep on the beach... and he even wrapped his sunburn on his leg so we wouldnt burn. The flamingos went buy... flapping away.. Matt just kept on snoring. It was very cute!

Papers: Urban Lily Moody Blues All of me, Chatterbox beach stripes and beach dots. Prima flowers, MM chunky asphalt alphabets.

The pinwheel I do not like now. I was trying to use up this gigantic box out outdated supplies. This die is from MME. I trimmed it and cut off the stem. It isnt my favorite layout... but hey I used up some stuff from 2002!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mini cards

These are mini cards... my newest obsession. These are the first 2 that I did. I make them by folding an index card in half. I was playing with my stamps on my extra seating cards and .. ta da! These are perfect for paper scraps!

Of course I inked um all up. I seem to be obsessed with inking things lately.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Away we go

I still feel tired looking at these pictures. These were us leaving for Aruba on out 6:00am flight. Have I mentioned Im a bartender... so I usually go to bed about 4am. So at this point its way past my bed time... and I wasnt going to be able to sleep for another 4 hours (after we caught out connecting flight in DC) We had been shopping and packing and running around getting stuff that day and we never got a nap.

I am still unhappy about the 2nd page... I dont really like it.

Alot of items are from the March Classy Pack Paper is the wildflower line from Cactus Pink. Making Memories metal travel words, plaques and rub ons. Brown polka dot ribbon from Walmart.

*Blu Happy Hour*

Happy Hour at the Blue Bar in Aruba is so much fun. They had live entertainment right up at the pool and alot of really yummy frozen drinks 2 for 1. We tried to hit this spot every afternoon for a bit to unwind have a few drinks and go for a swim before dinner.

Page is made using the october funky foilage kit from Coordinates Collections.

Friday, June 16, 2006

*~*Design Teams*~*

I found out yesterday that I made the design team at my local scrapbook store, Scrap Happy! Im so excited! I cant wait to creat layouts for her! *happy dance*

I was really worried that it would hurt me that Im 8 1/2 x 11, because every layout on the wall is 12x12.... but I guess not!

I go in on Monday to meet with her and start my work! Im going to need it Monday after the weekend Im about to have! (I hate my job)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

1985: At a wedding

This picture was taken sometime back in 1985. I found it with a bunch of pictures my mom scanned. I vaguely remember being here. I think my mom was a bridesmaid, but Im not sure. Doesnt she look beautiful! We all were so young... and Matthew still looks up to something. Look at Ede's little bow tie! I of course am the little girl in the picture.. looking all innocent.

All items in this layout come from the SEI Paisley and Petals line.

Flamingo Beach

I love the flamingos! These pictures were taken on the "adult" side of Reniassance island off Aruba. The flamingos were everywhere... and not one bit afraid. The would strut up beside your chair and fluff out their feathers.

All items came from October 05 Coordinates Collections kit (funky foliage). Paper is American craft and an unknown brand. Also used prima flowers, sei cardstock alphas in kinda bold.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Biggest Scrapbook page ever!

I made this gigantic scrap page for my wedding last April. I havent measured it, but Id guess that it's 4'x6'. It was made on a foam presentation board. I used an entire block of Making Memories 6x6 paper to cover the board... then matted a few million pictures to display. Its not exactly trendy or in form... but I wanted to show all the pictures we have. The pictures span almost 5 years together and alot of fun times. We really are goofballs!

Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins: Aruba

These pictures were taken at the 3rd stop of our ATV tour in Aruba. The gold mine ruins were actually a decoy... it was really a dutch fort. The actual gold mines are down the beach. The view is breathtaking from here. We climbed up into one to the windows and just watched the ocean. It was so hot! We were dying of thirst and all they had was soda.

Paper is Cherry Arte Basic Blue line. Chipboard tags are clip chatter from May Classy Coordinates kit. KC &Co label stickers, Buttons & brads from my stash.

Sorry for the bad scan.

Hannah Can Can

These pictures are of my sister Hannah during her show choir review. Isnt she beautiful in her can can costume!

Paper is kaleidoscope by My Mind's Eye. Added prima flowers, mini brads and crystals. Silver brush alphas. Trim is from JoAnn fabrics.

Pictures are blurred for privacy

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Christmas Tree Hunt

These pages make me feel cold! The pictures were taken last December when Matt, Matthew, Mindy & I went to the Forever Green tree farm in search of the perfect tree. We had to be driven clear out to the back to find ones that we liked.

The small card marked *lift* contains hidden journalling.

Paper is Artic Frog. Rub ons by Basic Grey. Both of these were from the January 06 kit from Classy Coordinates. The brads were in my stash so long I cant remember.


This picture was taken in Aruba on the pier in Eagle beach. We were getting ready to board the boat to go Scuba diving. I had just gotten out of my pool training class, hence the wet hair and zero makeup. Matt is a PADI certified scuba diver so he watched me. We were sitting there making out on the pier (not that bad... but we were honeymooning). We snapped this picture ourselves... using my camcorder. It was a very happy day.

Paper is Chatterbox Chipboard shapes are Bazzil and Heidi Swapp. I inked them both. Also used Heidi Swapp love silhouettes and fibers from Fibers by the yard. Most pieces from February kit from Classy Coordinates.

This layout was made for the I: (ink, irregular shapes and interlacing) challenge at Classy Scrapper forums.

~*~Paradise Found ~*~

Ahhh Aruba. I wish I was still there. I loved this pool! On our honeymoon we went to this pool almost everynight for happy hour.. had a few frozen drinks and took a long swim. Usually by that time we were the only one's in the pool. The pool glowed bright blue in the evenings. We'd swim while watching the sunset and then go get dressed for dinner. It was *magical*

Layout is made using the March Kit from
Classy Coordinates. I just adore this kit! Ive used it lots (as you will see) Added were Prima flowers, mini brads from A Charming Place.

*Sisters* Me and Jessica

I love this picture. My dad took it of me and my sister Jessica in late 2005. Jessi was 14, I was 27. We are the oldest and youngest of my dad's kids... the only 2 girls. ( 2/5)

The paper flower at the top is made by cutting diamonds (harlequin) and inking the edges.

This layout was made with the November kit from Classy Coordinates . Paper is Scenic Route, buttons are Bazzil.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Im starting to get deeper and deeper into scrapping and I figured it was time to start blogging again... so *POOF* ... She Scraps is born!