Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Sunday

(humming the Mamas & the Papas) I love my Sunday. Sunday is the day Matt and I get to see each other for most of the day. We sleep late. Maybe do something with one of our families. We go to dinner, to movies and generally be goofy. I love my Sundays. I never EVER work Sunday.

He had to go to the theater for a few hours this afternoon so I made this layout. I have tons of new years pictures to scrap but for some reason this one just called to me. (silly huh)I hadnt made jello shots since college and they turned out really well. Im surprised how much the guests liked them (since I being 28 was the youngest one there by quite a bit)

They are very easy to make. You make the jello as the package says but you use chilled alcohol instead of cold water in the final step. In this case I used watermelon vodka and raspberry jello. Man they were awesome! One big box of jello made enough for 20 or so people to have a few each.

Oh and by the way... I officially *LOVE* Hambly

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crazy days

AHHHH... That was my sigh of relief that St. Patty's day is over and I didnt have to kill anyone. I can say that is one day that being a bartender really REALLY sucks. I want to be celebrating too, but I cant because my hands are stained green, my back is killing me and some drunk keeps making lewd comment about the size of "the girls"

I actually scrapped this afternoon. I got my ZingBOOM kit yesterday and had to play with it. This is sorta fairy tale :) I love this picture and that you can see my Mom and my Auntie Jo lacing up my dress. I love that the kit colors are pretty close the the pinks and greens I used at my wedding.
I got the prettiest Happy Mail last week from my partner Joanna This little pocket is just gorgeous!! I giggled with delight at how pretty it was. The happy mail is getting fun. I just packed up my 2nd happy mail to Joanna along with 3 fabulous happy raks. There may be more coming soon too... I need to make more mini cards. :)
Im really loving Eye candy this month. I recieved my add on today with Jennifer's darling doodle tree stamp. The kit "The Notebook" is so romantic. I know this is a kit I will devour far beyond my 5 dt projects. I just got a hint on next month's kit and Im already drooling.
Oh I need to stop procrasting and scrap! XXOO.... and by the way Caardvarks #2 is now up!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dreaming of vacation....

Everyone here has the sickie ickies. Frankly Im sick of feeling crappy. I want it to get warm and sunshiny not cold and rainy. I guess until July I will dream of vacation. I just pray we can save the $$. We are going to west palm beach in florida. I love our hotel.

The first time I went to Florida I was 13. My awesome Auntie Jo and Uncle Mike took us to Disney World in a motor home. 5 kids from Ohio to Florida and back for 2 weeks. Man they were brave. Im sure at some point we all needed beaten! Anyways... I found this picture today of myself, my cousins and my brothers being "held up" by the toon town police (you know from Roger Rabbit) Dont you just love the 90's! Yes that is me in the back.. with my bright oversized shirt, killer socks and that freakish perm frizzing in the Florida sun. I am sickened now by how cool I thought I was. hehehe You can so tell by my expression I thought I was too cool to pose. My cousin looks so annoyed and the other 3 went right into character. Priceless.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm so excited to announce the debut of a new challenge blog Caardvarks.
We are a bimonthly challenge blog designed to help you build your card
stash with fun, funky cards. We will post a new challenge the 5th and the 20th of every month. We will pick a winner for each challenge and she will have the opportunity to be the guest designer for the next weeks challenge.

My friend Jen and I are so excited about this project! I hope You will join us.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rock on!

I need a mojo shot. I did manage to do layout of my little brother the other day. I found these little robots he drew me along with his school picture in a box from my old apartment. He'd probably *DIE* about this now at 16. (we wont tell him)

Im feeling a little inspired tonight. I got on late to get a fabulously funky zingBOOM kit and check out all the Poppy Ink add ons. I bought my first ever add on package... Dylan. I couldnt resist.

Speaking of PI...The whole Rockstar thing got me pulling out my mp3 player and jamming for awhile and jotting down notes for layouts while surfing the net. I have several titles, lyrics and themes running around my notebook.

So inspiration is here... mojo is gone. At least tomorrow is mY early night. I should be home by 9:30 from work. After I make dinner I can get some work done. Cards, dt projects and fun to do! :) Rock on girlies!