Thursday, June 21, 2007

Croppin Sarah

I actually got to scrap with someone else yesterday. I went over to my mom's (with my 2 bags it took 2 hours to pack cuz Im so worried about not having what I want.) My mom's mother's day present was scrap lessons (so I could get her scrapping again)
We both got 4 layouts done!! whoo hoo! This is my favorite. I used the June kit from zingBOOM and added the letters and the lace. The cherries stamp is by Heather Burch

I seriously love BIG sunglasses. I have had so may pairs (cuz Im always breaking them or losing them)Big sunglasses also hide wrinkles.

This layout is of my brother. I love how he is always taking cool photos. He is an amazing photographer and graphic artist. He also makes films. I make out getting to use his pictures to scrap! I took this photo of him shooting pics at a birthday party. He rocks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Garden Fair

I love to plant things and watch the grow. This is probably where it started, but it really bloomed with the vegetable garden I helped my mom with when I was 10 (just a few years later than this) I loved going out and checking the progress. I used to eat green beans right off the vine. I so wish I had a yard to grow a garden. I so have several plants in my apartment, but its just not the same as eating what you grew. Maybe I'll start an herb garden in a bucket on my balcony.

I made this littlke layout about the garden fair in elementary school. I need to ask my mom the exact year (tis why its missing) I used the June Poppy Ink kit and the nest rubber stamp is also poppy ink.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Busy weekend!

This weekend there is a big festival/car show in my town. It makes my life extra crazy when you live downtown. Its gonna be super fun getting my card out of the parking lot to go to my sister's graduation party. It's worth it though. In the evening there is a Beatles tribute band and fireworks. I never get to go out and appreciate the festivities. I always have to work.

Speaking of work... we are supposed to re-open a month from today. Im so excited about having the money! I miss my disposible income but Im thanking God that I had a savings.

The July kit from More than Scrapbooking went up yesterday. I made 3 cards for the kit this month.

The kit is such a cool mix of crate papers, scenic route chipboards and 7 gypsies embellies. I so cant wait to use this kit to do a layout about my nephew. This kit just screams little boys to me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prizes Prizes Prizes

I got the big box today from the owners to Scrappy Arts for winning their Amazing Race contest. The picture above is just my stuff and its all packaged up. It would take me forever to lay it all out there is so much stuff

I just got it all split up between me and Jen. Alot of it was easy because most of the lines came with 2 of each pp. Here's what we got.

We each got a Tinkering Ink Westminister kit. (12 pieces of paper, 2 alphas, diecuts, 2 finery)

We each got all the new Rusty Pickle Mayflower AND island summer papers. We split all the ribbons and embellies in half.

We each got this cool island summer mini book kit with gigantic chipboard circles, felt, transparencies, and all kinds of embellies.

We split 2 gigantic kits from Reminesce, Great Outdoors and Sports chick. We also got several smaller kits with fun themed papers and embellies.. I split them up and made up each one big kit.

I am so excited.... I never won a big contest with prizes like this!
Here is a picture of BOTH of our kits together after I split it all up

Monday, June 11, 2007

challenge time!

I havent done any challenges in awhile so I figured Id try to get back into it. I combined 2 challenges today to get this funky layout of me as a wee little girlie. I actually started this layout last night for the HMITM challenge. I was using a different picture. I just couldnt get it to work. So today after reading Twisted originals... I switched to a different picture and moved my picture far to the left. I love this picture of me and my big bird. I cant remember if it was my aunt or her friend that painted that. I'll have to ask my mom. It was really cool.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Truely Truely Outrageous

I was over at my mom's on Monday when I decided to go thru her picture boxes. I found the coolest pics! I cant wait to scrap my childhood. This picture just cracked me up. I so loved Jem as a kid. She was the total rocker chick, pink hair and a microphone. I even had Jem dolls that would rock out when the cartoon came on.

Unfortunately I had no sisters (at this time... my sisters came later) so I had to make holograms out of my little brothers. They didnt seem to mind too much. They got to be rockers.

The cool thing is... with the wonders of google and YouTube I can relieve the Jem days even now. Check her out! No one else is the same.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I cant believe I forgot....

To mention that Jen and I won the amazing race contest at scrappy arts (no not the rusty pickle one) I am so excited! The final challenge was to scraplift each other... which for us was so easy. I just love Jen's style. Soon I will get to play with the fabulous prizes. Cant wait!

Oh and in case anyone is interested. We are looking for another designer for caardvarks. If you love to make fun funky cards it may be worth checking out. :)