Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby pictures

Here is the most current picture of my little bean. I love how it looks like he's curled up sleeping. Realistically I know that's just how babies look at 9.5 weeks.... but it still makes me happy. I also do not know the sex but I like to refer to the babe as a him. Wishful thinking on my part as I always wanted a boy first. I will be just as happy if he turns out to be a she.

Baby is doing good.... growing normally and the heart beat is really strong (183) Whatever is in the uterus is getting smaller... but its still there. They are starting to think it isnt a blood clot afterall.... but since they arent sure what it is and they are worrying it will dislodge the placenta Im couch bound again. Two more weeks of bed rest. They think its possible it was twins and I miscarried the other. (which is exactly what my SIL told me when the saw an empty sac at the ER)If you look left of the baby's head you will see the "thing" that they are worried about.

I was able to get a little scrapping done. The Dr said I could sit and work at my coffee table as long as I didnt do it alot and I stayed on the couch. I got to create with the super springy tallyscrapper kit TANGO BEAUTY that goes on sale tomorrow afternoon. I'll post my layouts made with it tomorrow..... but for now... check out that kit! Its only $22!