Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I had a great day today just hanging out with the family. We had a cookout over at my brothers and just enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and played with the babies. This photo is only missing my brother Joshua, who lives in west virginia. Pictured... Matthew holding his son Wyatt, Me, Ede, Jessica and Dad holding Jessica's new baby AJ. I didnt take a ton of pictures because I was snuggling AJ and scarfing down the food. :)

Its been a crazy June! I cant believe July is almost here. I cant believe Im already 24 weeks pregnant. Aubrey is currently auditioning to be a radio city rockette and is kicking me like crazy every night while Im trying to get some sleep. My husband is now going to get paid for the 2nd job he's been working for 2 years. (it isnt alot, but it should help cover the bills while Im on my unpaid maternity leave)

Camp went really well this year. It always amazes me how the little kids are so grown up telling me about their end of chemo parties or asking me to hold their projects for a few so they can go get their meds. It makes me happy that they are able to have camp every year to just get away from it. As usual I was running back and forth thru all the craft stations making sure everyone was being helped. This year we had scrapbooking, foamie door hangers, keychains, beaded bracelets, airplanes, tie dye and suncatchers. Luckily my niece Megan (in the pic), who just graduated high school, was able to come and help me with the scrapbooking so I could keep and eye on the other stations.

I have a busy week coming up! Another ultrasound, a dr's appt, Im hostessing at my stepdad's fundraiser (he's running for council), more packing, helping Matt at the theater, and then there is my actual JOB. Hopefully I get to scrap this week.... Im really missing it. Oh and I have to start few ATCs for a swap! Here's hoping I can stay up long enough to play. I miss my scraproom.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I brake for yard sales

I seriously made out the other day. My mother lives in a rather nice development about 20 minutes away from me and last weekend they were having their annual allotment sale. There are alot of new parents there so my mom encouraged me to get my butt up there early friday and check out what they had.

When I say I bought a ginormous amount of clothing Im not exaggerating. My entire dining room table is filled with amazing clothes for Miss Aubrie. Pretty lacy girly girl clothing! Im talking gymboree, baby gap, children's place and ralph lauren baby clothing priced from 10 cents to 50 cents depending on the house. One lady had 6 tables of clothing priced at only a quarter so she could move everything. Everything I bought looks brand new. I spent $16.00 for my massive haul of clothing. I could have spent that on 1 outfit.

My mom also found me a boppy pillow with a brand new looking velvet cover for $5 and I found some hard cover disney books for 50 cents each. I never planned on shopping yard sales for the wee ones clothing.... but holy crap im glad I did. Im looking at it as another way to recycle. Hell I bought some of my maternity clothing on ebay and at the consignment shop... so why not?

Speaking of trash to treasure..... Its time for the May 30th guttergirlz challenge and one part of the challenge is to add a little trash to your layout. I really loved this one. Check out the blog to see the other 2 parts of this rockin challenge. You still have a chance to win the very cool Scrap Easel donated by Magistical Memories Its such a cool concept... I wish I could win it.

Here is my take on the current challenge. I didnt add any trash.... but I did use up some scraps of hambly I had lying around my scrap desk. I also stapled my vinyl thickers on so the suckers didnt fall off! Thickers are one of my favoritest products ever but the vinyl ones never seem to want to stay on and my tacky glue was in my scraproom and I didnt feel like pulling my pregnant butt off the couch to go get it... so the staples worked