Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little vacation day

Ahhh gotta love government holidays. I got to have my hubby home with me all day. I didnt get as much done, but I got to sleep late, cuddle up and watch tv and cook a big dinner. Sometimes its just nice to do nothing together. We both vowed not to leave the house (its snowing like mad) and to only take calls from family. (which pretty much requires he turn his phone off)

I did manage to get one layout done (while he was watching the Trek) I combined my survivor week #2 layout at tally with Random Chaos #3.

I has a busy weekend full of baby showers and birthday parties. It was good to be able to spend time with family. I stayed late and the shower running my mouth so I couldnt get to the mall so I had to make my mom's birthday present. (doh!)

What I came up with is this little box. Its about 6x9. It used to house a mini bottle of lotion and a bath & body works gift card. I think Im going to make her a mini album to go inside. Im just waiting for her to gather up the photos. The little panel inside is where the wedding vows will go. I lucked out that the box was already printed with the plaid print.

Now I want to make one for me! I think I have another box laying around here somewhere.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day! I know I sure did. We decided not to go out and about since neither of us was feeling the best, but we had a fantastic night anyways. We joked around, cuddled & talked then ate pizza and chocolates while curled up on the couch together. Matt bought me a beautiful engraved crystal with the defination of soul mates and our names on it. Its gorgeous. It was so nice to have some alone romantic time together. No meetings, no cell phones.... just us. :)

Its time again for the Loooooovefest at Caardvarks. Week 3 is up and ready for your cards. Mine is above and features stamps from Queen Kat designs. I used staz-on and stamped onto a leftover piece of transparency and then layered it over the heart doily (which came from the target $ spot) I actually made something *gulp* without patterned paper.... and I did it voluntarily. Shame shame.

I also have been experimenting with kit making. I made my own kit for a challenge at Tally then I had to scrap a layout with it. Here are 2 layouts made with my "kit"

My parents will probably hate the last one. Hehehe. I am lucky for the most part. They have a pretty amiciable divorce. It has been over 20 years afterall. But every now and then.... I want to scream and pull my hair out. I cant imagine how hard it is for those with parents constantly going at it. Mine can always be in the same room (unlike my inlaws)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Im a sick puppy

Against my better judgement I went to work sick last night. I figured Id suck it up and go in... I needed the $$. I got my ass kicked. We were so busy and of course I couldnt breathe because I was so congested. So I basically ran for 7 out of the 9 hours I worked. Everything hurt when I got home. Overnight my cold mutated into something evil. Sucky thing is I also picked up a shift tomorrow for extra cash so I cant rest.

So I did nothing all day. Well nothing strenuous. I hosted a crop challenge this morning at Simply Obsessed. Then Matt and I watched Shrek the third (which was so cute) and he got us Chinese takeout so I didnt have to cook. We watched some saved tv (I heart my dvr) then got up and scrapped a bit. Here is what I did this weekend

Friday, February 08, 2008


I have been tagged by the lovely Leah. Five things you want to do before you die, based on the movie The Bucket List. So... let's see.

1. Finish my college degree. Maybe get another one.
2. Visit Rome, Paris, Greece & Amsterdamn
3. Have babies (and grandbabies)
4. learn to paint
5. renovate an old house

I am tagging all of the Caardvarks girls in honor of the challenge going up today. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Tin"kering Ink

GO GIANTS! What a great game. I was so glad to see New York win. We went to a superbowl party at the theater. There was tons of food and the game was shown on a movie sized screen. We even had a few beers in the balcony. The commercials werent as good as they were in previous years. Im going to have to see if I can find them online. I do remember laughing at the lizards dancing to Thriller.

Afterwards I got to play in my room. I played alot of the day today too (between loads of laundry and cleaning) It seemed to be tinkering ink day at my house. This months MTS kit features the bright and happy perfectly posh line and a darling little bandage box to alter. Ive even started a little mini album to tuck inside this box.

You could also make little love coupons and tuck them inside for your sweetie.

Then I used the color filled Blur line to do the challenge for Random Chaos You had to create a layout with at least 6 manufacturers. My six include.... Tinkering Ink, Hambly, Glitz, American Crafts, Maya Road and Scenic Route. I handcut the heart out of the stiff glittery felt and inked the edges.

Yes the name of the game is so weird! Its become all the rage in the last year and seriously... its all about throwing a bag of corn thru a hole in a board. I dont really see the appeal but its everywhere. They even have tournaments at bars in the summer. My brother and sister were getting competitive at her grad party. It was pretty comical.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sweet Lincoln's mullet!

I found out the other day that I made the design team over at Simply Obsessed kits. It has been so hard not telling anyone. Im super excited to work with the rest of the design team and play with the awesome kits!

I had a cropolicious weekend. The More Than Scrapbooking 24 hour crop was super fun. The cool thing is the challenges dont end until Midnight on Sunday! That means if you get bored watching the superbowl (or you are like me and scrap while watching football) and you want to play there is still time. Just make sure you create a NEW layout for any of the challenges here and you can have a chance at the prize. I dont think Lori has given out the Big Bite yet either. How many can you do tomorrow?

I also hung out over at the Tally Crop. I won some cool prizes playing jeopardy. I also got to do a few challenges and chat with my girls. Other than the utter crappiness of my night at work (I hate ufc nights) today was a pretty good day.