Friday, February 27, 2009

The story.....

I cant even being to tell you how crazy this whole frickin (and I censored that) week has been. I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster. I tried to blog several times this week and couldnt bring myself to even type things. Turns out I never needed to. I dont even know if I can tell the whole story.... but I will try. It does end up good... so keep reading

We'll start with last Wednesday the 18th. I started bleeding. After talking to my ob's answering service I decide to go to the emergency room and get it checked out.(after all what use is great insurance if you dont use it) So scared out of my mind I go to the hospital. The stick me for an IV, do a pap and have me wait for an ultrasound. They give be both an external and an internal. Then it was time to wait. I guess there is only one guy there who can read the ultrasound and it could take an hour. Sometime later the ER Dr comes back and tells me Ive had a miscarriage. He told me that the sac was empty and it was only at 6 weeks.(I was suposedly almost 8) He was very sympathetic.

At that point I had the choice of a d&c or just waiting for it to naturally happen. Since I had already started bleeding and Ive never been one to want to go thru anything that invasive.... I chose to simply wait. They gave me a prescription for Vicoden (for the cramping) and phenergan (because I was so sick)

The next few days were a blur. I called my mom and asked her to tell everyone so I wouldnt have to. I took no phone calls. My husband took a few days off work so he could take care of me. I was either completely numb or crying most of the time.

and then there was the scrapbook rally. I still had to go. I figured it would be good for me to spend time with my mom and grandma anyway. I threw up every morning I was there and I had no energy. I started having this fantasy that I was still pregnant... afterall I still hadnt started bleeding and it had been like 5 days. I squished it back knowing how bad it would hurt when I did start bleeding. but it kept nagging me.

So fast forward to Thursday the 26th. This is the day I have to go get my checkup from the OB/gyn. After waiting almost an hour (still fantasizing by the way) the Dr comes in. He starts his routine questions.

Dr: I heard you didnt want the d&c have you started bleeding.... .
Me: No, just light cramping
Dr: Well sometimes it takes a few weeks....
Me: do the rest of the symptoms stay that long? Im still so queasy and my boobs still hurt
Dr: looking confused... Your boobs still hurt?
Me: Yes
Dr: Your symptoms should have tapered off. You shouldnt have any after 8 days. Im going to have her scan you... hold on. I'll have her fit you in.

So I sit in the waiting room for another 1/2 hour.

The ultrasound tech was very sweet. A minute later she looked very confused.... they told you that you had a miscarriage?.... well... here is your baby looks like 7 weeks 2 days


I would be lying if I said I was completely shocked. I just starred at the screen looking at the little heart beating strongly and then I started to cry. She printed me out a picture and sent me back to the Dr.... who was LIVID! I think he was going to drive to the ER and beat up whomever read my ultrasound last week. He told me never to go to that hospital again and he will be bringing it to their attention.

My dates were off.... I am now due October 13th... not the 2nd. The reason the sac was at 6 weeks was I was only 6 weeks.

The only bad news is I do have a clot (a Subchronic hematoma....hence the bleeding earlier) I was put on bedrest for 2 weeks until I get a another ultrasound.... but at the moment things are good.

but seriously.... WHAT THE f*ck. Thank God I declined the d&c and was going to let things happen naturally. And they put me on vicodin!! (which is a no-no when preggo) Thank God I only took like 5 of them. Im trying not to obsess but its hard when I cant get off the couch!

I just pray everything is okay

Monday, February 09, 2009

The News

I couldnt be more excited.... I have been trying to to wait til my Dr's appointment on Wednesday but I just couldnt stand it anymore. I had to tell people. I was worried I wasnt... (guess its the pessimistic side of me that worried it was a chemical pregnancy.) I took another test last night and the sucker turned positive the moment I peed on it. Plus my boobs have been aching for 2 weeks and this weekend I started gagging at everything. Someone ordered teriyaki wings at work and the sent me running for the nearest bathroom.... and today I cried watching a movie about football.

I did tell my mom on her birthday... and she is way excited. I wonder if I have to actually buy her a present now.. LOL j/k

I feel a little better today. Im trying to make myself eat velveeta shells and cheese to get something in my stomach. I went to BJs yesterday and bought all kinds of healthy food... but NO I want the cheesy mac! Its better than what I really want... which is a crunchy taco supreme from Taco Bell. Damn are cravings supposed to happen already? I cant go get some because my car is still screwy! Matt fixed the starter (which was the problem) and now it wont start again. Stupid remanufactured part from AAP! He took it back and is making them order the factory part. Hopefully its here soon. Its soooooo frustrating not having a car. Im trying not to let it stress it out. I know its bad for the bambino.

I dont know when Im due yet... but Im thinking October. Right smack in the middle of football season. Its going to be crazy

Monday, February 02, 2009

Piece of shit car..... I got a piece of shit car!

Greetings! I have pulled myself out of facebook rpg game HAZE Ive been in to actually blog! Wow what a concept. lol.

Its time for Category Stories again! Check out my prompt... "what I love about ______" for a chance to win the prize. Also check out how our new design team girls rocked it!! Here is my layout ------>

Its been super frosty outside and I seem to be having the worse luck with my darned car! I just spent $500 bucks to fix the alternator/brakes/new tires and some other little pieces parts that I have no idea what they are.....but thank goodness my husband does. Car was fixed and running fine.... only to not start Saturday night when I was leaving work at 3:00 in the morning after my 12 hour shift. LOVELY!!

Im thinking its the starter. The &$#@#$@ing starter.

Of course I called my husband and started bawling. He now thinks Im crazy for crying over a car. He doesnt understand that pms + 12 hour work night exhaustion + 1 month a car frustration = tears at 3am sitting alone in a parking lot in subzero weather. He's a man. I dont expect him to.

Of course he did do what I expected him to do. Bundled up and walked down to try a start the car (I only live a few blocks away from work) It didnt work.

So today Im home. I have errands to run that I cant do because yet again I have no wheels. I figure I might as well scrap the day away instead. That will help the car frustration... and maybe even the pms.

Here are a few more layouts I made this week. I drew the lil corney on the Shucks layout and added googley eyes to him. The other uses my playbill and ticket stubs from when we went to see Phantom in Vegas.