Saturday, July 21, 2007

Leavin on a jet plane

I leave for the airport in 1 hour!!!!

Im super excited. By 8pm this evening I will be laying on the beach. (actually I think the first stop is that gigantic hot tub after I shave my jungle legs) I have my camera and Im ready to take LOTS of scrappy pictures for all the design team layouts I have to get done when I get back.

I really wish I could have packed some scrappy stuff. I was going to originally when we were driving. Oh well.... at least there is something to be excited about when I get home.

Hopefully I'll be checking in. We sent the laptop down with my Mom (they drove down thursday) so here's hoping for WiFi.

PEACE.... Im outta here :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Grand reopening and Florida here I come

My work officially opened on Monday to a gigantic crowd. It was such a blast seeing everyone and of course making some money. I worked a split on Monday... (2) 7 hour shifts. Then Tuesday I fell on my booty and hurt my back. It was comical. I went sliding thru the back and then landed on my butt and my coke flew up in the air and landed right on my crotch. Good thing Im in black pants and only had about an hour left on my shift. I was completely soaked in beer and coca cola and had lettuce in my hair. HA! I wish I could see it on the security cams... I bet it's hysterical.

I worked the last 2 days in agony on pain meds to make it thru.... my back is seriously messed up. But the good news is tomorrow we leave for FLORIDA!! Im sure sitting in the hot tub and running around on the beach will do wonders for my back. If not I have a dr's appt. when I get back. (they couldnt get me in before I left)

Have you gals seen the gallery us gals at Caardvarks made for The Embellishment Studio? If you havent you need to go take a look. Especially if you love vintage lace and ribbons. Its card-a-licious. Check it out.

This card is one of the six that I made. I so wish I had time to make more. I know I will be using every scrap of that ribbon its so lovely. Thanks to Susan again for sending it my way.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

**happy dance**

I found out Thursday that I made the design team over at Ally Scraps I am so excited to begin working with the girls. The message board is so fun and the store is packed with scrappy goodness. Its going to be awesome :)

View the announcement here to see the rest of the team

Friday, July 13, 2007

A little peekie

Have you girls heard of the Embellishment Studio?? If you havent you are so in for a treat. Susan creates beautiful kits with lovely vintage finds.

Susan has generously sent all of us Caardvarks girls this absolutely STUNNING mix of vintage ribbons and laces from the 40's to use for the next (July 20th) challenge. I tell you girls this stuff is DIVINE. I just keep staring at it. She has also offered up a lovely prize to the winner of the next challenge. You will NOT want to miss this.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cards Cards Everywhere

Im having so much fun with our caardvarks challenges. I am really going to miss having to create a card everyday. Jen and Nathalia did a fantastic job choosing the challenges. Its making me try new things with cards and Im LOVING it! Plus Im adding to my card stash and that is always a good thing :) Not to mention the utter fabulousness of the gallery!! So many different styles. Its so inspriational.

Here are a couple of my cards. Want bigger? Just click um :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drive ins and lucky 7s

This past weekend my husband and I ventured out to the drive in movies. It was a blast! We were in the comfort of our car, cuddled up and watching 2 movies for only $5 a person! Of course the drive in movies arent that of the old days. It definately is no beauty contest... it was funny to see so many people out in their colorful pj pants and pony tails hearding little angels to the bathrooms. I dont go to the drive in my my jammies, but I did go comfy in my terry tracksuit.

I think it would have been cool to get dressed up and go to the drive in with your sweetie like they did in Grease. To have it be a date place... not just the place to see things cheaply.

Soon I wont have to be as worried about saving the $$I start back at work next weekend. Im excited to have the money! I seriously need highlights and Id love some new pretty things. I should be caught up within 2 weeks of getting back for vacation. That makes me SO happy

I am gonna miss the extra scrap time. Its allowed to to do cool challenges and to do the 10k at Caardvarks. We had a 7s challenge at tallyscrapper this past weekend in honor of 07/07/07 and immediately thought of my little tag from last week. I rarely do a layout without a photo so this was a fun one for me to try. I just love vintage with bright colors.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Check out my romper

Arent I just the cutest things in the funky 80's clothes. Of course my husband said something obscene about my fabulous outfit. Dont worry. I kicked him.

Ive been inspired to journal more..... to get down to the real me. Not as much superficial fluff (but I love fluff) I think journaling is one of me weaknesses. I aim to get better. Cool thing is I got this layout was just accepted to the Basic Grey gallery. TallyLibrarian pushed me to submit and its there. :) I so need to submit more. My goal today is to submit 5 layout to magazine calls. I never submit. You cant get pub'd if you dont try... right?

Friday, July 06, 2007

oooo oooo Witch-ay woman

I seriously LOVE to dress up. I never do it anymore. Not since college. My birthday is the day after Halloween so I always had costume parties. This picture was taken last Halloween... but the only reason I dressed up was because I had to for work. It wasnt even a great costume... but I did have my hair streaked green and black and had these enormous glittery eyelashes. Boy is was fun trying to work with those on.

I also put those plastic spiders all thru my hair. I found one I had left and I inked it and used it on the page. The webby look at the bottom was made with cottom balls and a gluestick. (now my stick is fuzzy :p) I doodled the little spideys and webs at the top. This isnt one of my best layouts, but I really love it :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Caardvarks 10 day 10 k challenge

Hey card makers!

We are having awesome contests for the next 10 days at Caardvarks
in honor of our first 10,000 visitors.

There will be 10 one day challenges from July 5th thru the 15th. We will be giving away a BIG prize daily. You can participate in one of them.... or all of them.
Good luck & Happy cardmaking!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Toots and Tags!

Happy Independance Day!!

I have a little happy today! 2 of my cards are in the July/August Scrappin-Trends ezine. Its such a cool publication! Be sure to check it out. Lots of fabulous scrap ideas.

I have also been Tagged by Miss RattyTatty Im supposed to tell 7 not so well known things about me and tag 7 people.

Lets see things people dont know....
1. I was in the Miss Ohio Teen pageant. I got a BAD sunburn the day before.
2. I met my husband on the internet. On drunken night my roommate dared me to fill out a profile and message 3 guys. Matt was #2.
3. I can play the saxophone
4. I was in a sorority in college. Alpha Delta Pi :) :)
5. I was in National Honor Society
6. Im afraid to drive over bridges. I cant drive in the outside lane. I can do it but for some reason I panic. I almost cried driving into Chicago. When we go to the Outer Banks I cant drive in. Its not as bad if Im not driving. I found out a few years ago that my grandma also had this phobia.
7. I was a political science major in college and have volunteered on several campaigns

Now Im off to tag a few ladies