Monday, December 31, 2007

She's baaaaaaaaaaack!

Vegas was so completely awesome! I had sooooo much fun. Usually we head for relaxation on our vacations and Vegas was anything but! I swear we walked 10 miles a day up and down that strip. We walked so much I had to buy new shoes (oh the torture, right?) I actually bought 3 pairs of shoes. (hey a girl has to splurge on vacation)

I bought a pair of warm & snuggly Ugg Ultra tall boots, a darling pair of Guess? sneakers and some crocs (on a side note, yes I always said Crocs were ugly and SWORE Id never have a pair. I'll admit. I was wrong... they are super comfortable..... but yes, still very ugly)

Ive already started on the Vegas layouts... and there will be MORE to come. This one above is for Allyscraps and features the spooky Salem line from Scenic Route.

And remember.... there is only ONE day til you need to check Caardvarks

Sunday, December 09, 2007

She's cold!!!!

Sometimes I do things that make no sense at all. Ive been sitting in my scraproom freezing. Its cold tonight, probably in the 20s, and snowing great big flakes. Im shivering so much that I go put one of Matt's big fleece pullovers (that smell like him.... mmmm) overtop of my sweater and turn on the fireplace in the living room. At that point something makes me just go get a fudgcicle.

Im freezing! Why on Earth would I want to eat something cold. I get the skinny cow kind. They are made with skim milk and still sooo good. I should have had hot chocolate or something because now Im shaking. Stupid stupid me. :)
OKay I just looked up the Skinny cow website to link it and they have stuff about scrapbooking! How cool is that!(yes I am a dork)

I got to play with some Owl pals. I just love little owlies and this SFL paper is just the cutest! I made this card and this funky mood journal. Fiskteer Sara shared this cool Heidi Grace challenge with me. Mine is a spiral 6x8. The tabs say "So happy", "So sad", "So in love", "So crazy" & "So bitchy". Very much me. :)

Only 4 more sleeps til VEGAS!! Now what should I pack?

Friday, December 07, 2007

She cant sleep

Well my love has been gone for 1 day and already I cant sleep without him. Its almost 4am and Im back up. Its cold and lonely in my bedroom and its way to late to start scrapping....So here I sit, staring blankly into the computer fiddling with my blog template. (I finally upgraded...imagine that and all it took was my husband going to Vegas)

I so should have gone out with the girls from work tonight. Id be passed out with margarita right about now. I made myself come home and finish my design team projects instead. I started packing a little too. 5 days til Vegas, baby!! whoo hoo!!

Here are 2 Luxelicious layouts.

The first one is for Allyscraps. It uses the gorgeous Pashmina line. The 2nd uses vibrant Bustier for a Color contest.

Oh and all you Caardvarks fans. Keep an eye out for a special announcement... coming soon!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

She does laundry all day

I dont usually hate laundry as much as I do today. Last week I cleaned our shared walk in closet. I just felt the need to purge(and made a gigantic pile for charity) I always find things on the floor, or that have a bit of dust on them and need re-washing. Of course this coupled with the fact that my hubs leaves for Vegas tomorrow (and has yet to pack) means I have been in there ALL DAY. I swear I smell like Snuggle and Tide and my hands are raw from handwashing.

Doing laundry makes me think of this layout. I dont know if Ive posted it here or not, and Im too lazy to go look. (its from last July)

Have you been to Caardvarks lately? If not you must check it out. This past week we have been debuting some of the fabulous cardmaps by Becky Fleck. This is my card for Sketch 1. There are 6 more fabulous sketches with examples on the Varks blog. I also posted a little challenge at tallyscrapper to use these sketches to create fabulous cards.

I leave for Vegas in 1 week!!! Im so excited. The next 6 days will be rough. Im working everyday (picked up extra shifts for more $$ before I go) and Matt will be gone. I havent spent that much time away from him since before we were married. Its going to be harder to go to sleep at night. :(