Monday, December 31, 2007

She's baaaaaaaaaaack!

Vegas was so completely awesome! I had sooooo much fun. Usually we head for relaxation on our vacations and Vegas was anything but! I swear we walked 10 miles a day up and down that strip. We walked so much I had to buy new shoes (oh the torture, right?) I actually bought 3 pairs of shoes. (hey a girl has to splurge on vacation)

I bought a pair of warm & snuggly Ugg Ultra tall boots, a darling pair of Guess? sneakers and some crocs (on a side note, yes I always said Crocs were ugly and SWORE Id never have a pair. I'll admit. I was wrong... they are super comfortable..... but yes, still very ugly)

Ive already started on the Vegas layouts... and there will be MORE to come. This one above is for Allyscraps and features the spooky Salem line from Scenic Route.

And remember.... there is only ONE day til you need to check Caardvarks

Sunday, December 09, 2007

She's cold!!!!

Sometimes I do things that make no sense at all. Ive been sitting in my scraproom freezing. Its cold tonight, probably in the 20s, and snowing great big flakes. Im shivering so much that I go put one of Matt's big fleece pullovers (that smell like him.... mmmm) overtop of my sweater and turn on the fireplace in the living room. At that point something makes me just go get a fudgcicle.

Im freezing! Why on Earth would I want to eat something cold. I get the skinny cow kind. They are made with skim milk and still sooo good. I should have had hot chocolate or something because now Im shaking. Stupid stupid me. :)
OKay I just looked up the Skinny cow website to link it and they have stuff about scrapbooking! How cool is that!(yes I am a dork)

I got to play with some Owl pals. I just love little owlies and this SFL paper is just the cutest! I made this card and this funky mood journal. Fiskteer Sara shared this cool Heidi Grace challenge with me. Mine is a spiral 6x8. The tabs say "So happy", "So sad", "So in love", "So crazy" & "So bitchy". Very much me. :)

Only 4 more sleeps til VEGAS!! Now what should I pack?

Friday, December 07, 2007

She cant sleep

Well my love has been gone for 1 day and already I cant sleep without him. Its almost 4am and Im back up. Its cold and lonely in my bedroom and its way to late to start scrapping....So here I sit, staring blankly into the computer fiddling with my blog template. (I finally upgraded...imagine that and all it took was my husband going to Vegas)

I so should have gone out with the girls from work tonight. Id be passed out with margarita right about now. I made myself come home and finish my design team projects instead. I started packing a little too. 5 days til Vegas, baby!! whoo hoo!!

Here are 2 Luxelicious layouts.

The first one is for Allyscraps. It uses the gorgeous Pashmina line. The 2nd uses vibrant Bustier for a Color contest.

Oh and all you Caardvarks fans. Keep an eye out for a special announcement... coming soon!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

She does laundry all day

I dont usually hate laundry as much as I do today. Last week I cleaned our shared walk in closet. I just felt the need to purge(and made a gigantic pile for charity) I always find things on the floor, or that have a bit of dust on them and need re-washing. Of course this coupled with the fact that my hubs leaves for Vegas tomorrow (and has yet to pack) means I have been in there ALL DAY. I swear I smell like Snuggle and Tide and my hands are raw from handwashing.

Doing laundry makes me think of this layout. I dont know if Ive posted it here or not, and Im too lazy to go look. (its from last July)

Have you been to Caardvarks lately? If not you must check it out. This past week we have been debuting some of the fabulous cardmaps by Becky Fleck. This is my card for Sketch 1. There are 6 more fabulous sketches with examples on the Varks blog. I also posted a little challenge at tallyscrapper to use these sketches to create fabulous cards.

I leave for Vegas in 1 week!!! Im so excited. The next 6 days will be rough. Im working everyday (picked up extra shifts for more $$ before I go) and Matt will be gone. I havent spent that much time away from him since before we were married. Its going to be harder to go to sleep at night. :(

Monday, November 26, 2007

She works...

I worked today. Yes I worked on a Sunday. I feel almost blasphemous even typing that. My days were already screwy with thanksgiving and now I really dont know what day it is! I get all weird if Im off my normal schedule. Im crazy like that :) I did get a chance to scrap a bit today (which is fantastic because I was feeling so so blue and now I feel great) It was all dt work, but it was still loads of fun!
We have something special going on at caardvarks the beginning of december. Something extra special that lasts more than a day and has me making cards like a madwoman. Make sure you watch the site for details.

I also finished my projects for the so very cool December More than scrapbooking kit. It actually comes with this rockin American Crafts d-ring album. The AC Metropolitian papers are very modern and would be perfect for those retro pics (or your New Years night on the town pages.) It was a fun kit to work with. I even made a few cards for varks ;)

CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS LESS THAN A MONTH TIL CHRISTMAS! Holy Crap! I need to get shopping now so Im done before I leave for Vegas in 2 and a 1/2 weeks. Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

She is stressed

Thanksgiving is so stressful for me. I end up in the car half of the day as Im shoved from one place to another (both of our parents are divorced so we go 4-5 places a year) Im also shoved food at all those places. (dont they know I have a bridesmaids dress I have to fit into) I wish so hard that I could just stay home all day and cook a big dinner in my pjs while watching football and drinking mimosas. I wouldnt miss the parade or the family game time and I wouldnt have to deal with the drama.

Why is there always drama on holidays? Why cant we just get with those we love and have it be drama-free? Im praying for a drama free holiday season this year (it would be a first) I wish I didnt work tonight and the rest of the weekend so I could go spend time with the out of town fam. I have cousins coming back that I really want to see.

If you have extra time this weekend... there is a new Caardvarks challenge (rub me tender, rub me sweet) going on. Its sponsored once again by the fabulous kits at the Embellishment Studio. If you love vintage lace, buttons and pretty embellments you dont want to miss out on Susan's kits!

Here is my funky card with painters tape and glitz netz. Im loving the tinkering ink blur line. Its so funky and fun.

In case I have no time tomorrow..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

She jams

I found this little lip dub several months ago somewhere in the blogosphere. I hadnt seen it again until tonight. Im so glad I uncovered it again. This was done after hours in an office somewhere. I wish I worked there.... totally my kinda people.

The song is Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger (which I absolutely LOVE)

It seriously reminds me of something my brother would conjour up.... and it makes me smile... so enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

She lives!!

Inhale... exhale...
Yep! Im breathing :)

I know I kinda disappeared for about a month there.... but October is always crazy busy for me. Work is insane, the auction is getting finalized and there is always family drama!

Good news is I had a birthday November 1st! 29.... only one year off from the dreaded 30. (I made this layout 1 week prior to my birthday) I had Matt take me out to the Japanese hibatchi place. After 2 orange creamscicle martinis, sushi and some hibatchi filet & shrimp I no longer cared how old I was. (*shhhhhh* I think Im actually looking forward to my 30s, but dont tell anyone and dont make fun of me next year when I cry) I still havent gotten any birthday presents though

Although I did go out and buy myself these super cute shoes :) and of course some scrapbook supplies.

I am thankful for November because it means my scraptime is back! Here's a few pages I made in the last few days. I seem to be in love with Scenic Route lately

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bow chicka bow wow

Ohhhhh Cap'n Jack Sparrow. I never thought a dirty man in makeup would turn me on, but you do it for me. Of course underneath you are the ever so hot Johnny Depp, so Im sure that helps :) I just love the Pirates of the Carribbean movies. Ive seen the original like 20 times.

Its almost Halloween time and we have been busily starting to plan the halloween party at work. Tomorrow I get to do my favorite part... the decorating. Im sure I'll come home with web in my hair and plastic spiders in my pockets. I need to remember to save a few for future scrappiness anyway.

Speaking of halloween, Ally scraps is having a Halloween project contest. Details are found here. Winners will recieve gift certificates to the store. (and they have some killer stuff including the rusty pickle pink pirate stuff used in this layout)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

MTS October

Have you seen the October kit from More than Scrapbooking yet? The picture really doesnt do it justice. The Bohemia 2 papers are stunning and the the pretty bits of crochet, lace and firey fiber are the icing on the cake. Plus there is a cats eye ink AND paper bag album! And the big secret is.... (its under $25) Here is a list of all the goodies you get.

Yes I sound like a salesman. Yes I do design for the company(Obviously) Yes I suck at scanning layouts (hello crooked!) But this kit really is a fabulous deal and absolutely perfect for autumn. I used alpha stamps and the kit only for these creations.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Let me count the ways

Hambly, Oh Hambly How do I love thee... let me count the ways......

I was over all AllyScraps chatting away when I noticed that there was NEW Hambly in the store. Ohhh man am I excited! I seriously trying to wait a week(or 2) so I can ship it with my dt kit, but Im having serious problems with self control. I just want to put it in my cart and take it home. Is that so wrong? Doesnt a girl deserve some brand spanking new hambly? I think so.

Ive become addicted to the overlays lately. There are so many things you can do with them. You can cut them in pieces or trim what you'd like. They can be painted, inked, layered, stapled, sewn, used as backgrounds for clear pages, rubbed with alcohol inks, tucked under or over a photo, used as a journal block, stamped on with staz on, distressed, punched, and die cut. They are awesome!

Its also time for a new *insert cartoon horn noise* caardvarks challenge Check out the blog for the hilariously titled "Do these pants make my chips look big" challenge by our own Lesley This chippy here is my card for the challenge. I needed another excuse to use my Breakfest at Tiffany's stamp. I so love that movie... okay well anything Audrey Hepburn

Monday, September 17, 2007

Challenge day

Im still trying to get over a nasty cold, so today I decided to take it easy. I tried to not leave the house, but my husband insisted on making me go out for Chinese food (which was mighty good). I punished him by making him drop me at the lss for a half hour. He didnt mind one bit. I got some fun embellies

So I got home and scrapped the day away while my honey played playstation. Sometimes I just love knowing he is here and having fun. It was nice. Since I had extra scrappy time and couldnt print the pictures I need for dt work (I bought the wrong cartridge...DOH!) I decided to do a few challenges.

The first one I did was Color my World's 2nd challenge. I made this funky red and blue painty layout. I also used painters tape and a page out of a notebook

The second challenge I did was for the How Much is too Much? Its challenge 51 (10 elements, 10 goals) I think this one will be fun to look at in 10 years and see just how many actually hold true.

My mom is doing better. Thank you to those who prayed for her. She is relaxing and enjoying a special trip for her 10 year anniversary.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mini Cards

We have a micro challenge going on over at Caardvarks this weekend! It is a challenge to make mini cards. I had a blast the other day making them. Not only are they fun, but they are very inexpensive. Mine are actually made with index cards(You know... the 3x5 kind that cost a quarter for 100.) and scraps of paper and embellies.

They can be used for so many things

*Tuck it in a coat pocket/briefcase for your love
*A child's lunchbox
*punch a hole and add ribbon for a cute bag tag
*Add to a bouquet of flowers
*Staple to a bag of goodies
*tape on top of a present

Here are my little cards. Checkout the caardvarks "Honey I Shrunk the Cards" gallery for more minis

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Im in a funky funky mood today. Im exhausted. I had to work at 9am to do the QSC we didnt do on wednesday. I never did get a nap today. I just cant sleep. Im trying to keep myself distracted by scrapping. It isnt working.

My mom has been in the hospital all weekend. She isnt sure, but she thinks she had a stroke. (or several little ones) The MRI was showed no problems... which is great. Its really scaring me. They did let her come home this evening, but Im still very nervous. If you are the praying type... can you send a few her way?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bond: James Bond

I was supposed to go in today and do the QSC. I woke up late... too late. I realized I was supposed to be there in 20 minutes. I jumped in the shower and then did a random search for my phone to tell them Id be about 15 minutes late. Low and behold a message from my partner calling me off. I was psyched! Its nice to have an unexpected day off. I did a little scrapping, made my husband a big dinner and then my BIL came over and we watched a movie. Casino Royale. Man what a great action flick. Its very fast paced and exciting. Very Bond... and my oh my Daniel Craig. Is he a perfect Bond or what? Have you seen this bit of man candy?

Ummm hummm......

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yes Im still up

It's like 5am and I cant seem to sleep. Im used to being up late but its kinda ridiculous. It was a long day. Work was very draining

When I got home I locked myself in my room to work on a few more projects for the sticker shock caardvarks challenge that goes up tonight. Frances Meyer sent us this gigantic bag of FUN, fabulous stickers to use for the challenge. So far Ive made 7 cards and 1 layout and I still have so many more to play with. I also got to play with my wicked cool Jim Morrison stamp. I love the Doors

Playing with my Morrison stamp makes me want to get out my cds and rock out to the Doors. Im resisting the urge as doing that would keep me up even later and make me more hyper(I shouldn't even be blogging... I should be in bed bed bed... but NO... Im sitting here watching Almost Famous for like the 5th time and playing pogo) OKay that's it. Im going to try to go to bed (again) Night all :) Or should I say Good Morning

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yesterday I mailed my first layout out for publication. (no not THAT one there...)Its going to be in the Scrapbook Trends Wedding idea book. I'll admit I was a bit nervous handing it off to the postal worker. I even paid the extra for delivery confirmation. I so hope it comes home happy and in 1 piece. I keep reminding myself that I shouldn't be nervous. Some chickies send out ALOT of layouts and Ive never really heard of one being lost. I think its just the first pub jitters..... like the mailmen are all out that waiting to take home that picture of the back of my wedding dress... HA!

Now THAT layout there was my first one for Allyscraps. Its of my mommy... who is now is Asia. (I think Malaysia today) I always get nervous when she goes over there because 1. She hates it and 2. Airplanes

Its been an average week around here. Nothing too exciting. I have tonight off so Im going to scrap and rest up for the 2 fun days of split shifts I have Friday and Saturday. Nothing like working 25 hours in 2 days. It makes me appreciate Sundays even more. Can tomorrow be Sunday?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Just one of them days..... those boring funky days where nothing seems fun and I cant seem to concentrate on anything for more than 20 minutes. I hate these days... so unproductive. So basically Im sitting here watching 90210 and wishing I actually had something to do tonight (besides going to work for a meeting at 10pm) If I can just force myself to wheel my chair over to my art table... maybe I could get SOMETHING (anything) done. I hate being void of inspiration.
Here's some funky funky from the other day. I seriously love this Janis Joplin quote so I made this layout as a reminder to myself. I need to make sure that I am making myself happy while Im worrying about everyone else. I keep giving up things I want... either thinking they are out of reach or just not working for my life right now. That is about to stop. I seriously need to go back to school (I have one maybe 2 years left) I am so sick of my job and people assuming that I am less than I am because of my job. I want to have babies soon. Im sick of not trying because Im too worried about having to take another job and making less money (cant really do my job too pregnant) Im ready for change. I just dont know how to start it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My first daily something

I heard about the daily somethings from some of the rockin gals at tallyscrapper. I so love the idea of taking something small from each day and creating something based on that. I tend to keep mementos and stubs from all over the place. Id love to get them all together like a little diary. Of couse I cant promise everyday because things are crazy (especially since football season is looming before me) but Im going to try for 5 out of 7 ;) I have 2 of these fun 6x8 albums to play with.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A little snowman tutorial

How to make this cute little snowman I used on this card

What you need:
*5 mini black brads
*one orange brad
*small piece of ribbon
*small square of black cardstock
*fuzzy nubby white fiber.
*Cardstock for background
*glue stick, paper piecer, stapler, scissors

1. I went off the skein and made 3 fuzzy little swirlies. I swirled them to the size I needed for this particular snowman. My swirlies are 2", 1.75" and 1,25". (doing this in random shapes makes super cute clouds)

2. When your swirlies are the desired size cut and tuck the tail behind. If you dont like the look of the swirl you can rub the fiber and make it look messy

3. Using your glue stick make a circle on your cardstock base approximately the size of your snowball.

4. Firmly press the snowball onto the cardstock

5. Use a paper piecer to punch hole threw your snowball where the eyes, nose and buttons should be. Insert brads thru your ball and attach.

6. Staple ribbon to the neck area. Twist and staple again so half of the ribbon hangs down. Cut small slits in the end of the dangling ribbon. (I used velvety ribbon)

7. Cut black hat out of a small square of cardstock. I cut 2 pieces... a small sliver curved at the end and a black square rounded at the top. Glue to top of head.

You can use this super cute little snowman on your holiday cards, scrapbook pages or gift tags this Christmas :) Make a large one as a wall hanging.

copyright 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Work it

Ahhhh. I feel so relxed and content.

I just got home from the YMCA. We did some water aerobics and swam laps. Im trying to get back into a weekly fitness routine. Alot of that stopped when I stared running behind the bar every night. Ive never been a morning person... let alone working out early...and well the gym is closed when I get home from work. Anyway... Im trying to break my bad habits... plus I think it would really help my back to get some exercise that didnt involve bending.

I feel all warm and happy.

I need to get scrapping tonight. Have lots of dt projects due this week. :) I'll pop in a dvd after my husband goes to sleep and work til the wee hours. Im looking forward to it. Maybe I'll even post a peek for caardvarks

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hey it's August?

And I havent even posted a thing! I havent been online much. My back is still a bit messed up and it hurts to sit at my desk for too long. Good news it IS healing. I am not as sore after work as I was right after the injury. I have to take these icky muscle relaxers that make me a complete drooling zombie for most of the day. Its seriously NOT fun.

Vacations on the other hand was a blast. It was very relaxing, We spent alot of time at the beach and in the pool. We also went on a few adventures. There was a casino cruise ship that took us a few miles out so we could play slots and roulette. Matt did very well at poker.
On the last day it rained so Matt took me to the Palm Beach Kennel Club and we bet on the pups. Id never been to anything like that and it was alot of fun. (especially since we won) After that we went to shop at CityPlace where I got to roam around Anthropologie and take in all the color. Love that store. I did some shopping and then we went to see Harry Potter on the IMAX 3D. It was so cool seeing creatures fly at me. It was a great vacation. Its was so cvool to get to see my family everyday.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Leavin on a jet plane

I leave for the airport in 1 hour!!!!

Im super excited. By 8pm this evening I will be laying on the beach. (actually I think the first stop is that gigantic hot tub after I shave my jungle legs) I have my camera and Im ready to take LOTS of scrappy pictures for all the design team layouts I have to get done when I get back.

I really wish I could have packed some scrappy stuff. I was going to originally when we were driving. Oh well.... at least there is something to be excited about when I get home.

Hopefully I'll be checking in. We sent the laptop down with my Mom (they drove down thursday) so here's hoping for WiFi.

PEACE.... Im outta here :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Grand reopening and Florida here I come

My work officially opened on Monday to a gigantic crowd. It was such a blast seeing everyone and of course making some money. I worked a split on Monday... (2) 7 hour shifts. Then Tuesday I fell on my booty and hurt my back. It was comical. I went sliding thru the back and then landed on my butt and my coke flew up in the air and landed right on my crotch. Good thing Im in black pants and only had about an hour left on my shift. I was completely soaked in beer and coca cola and had lettuce in my hair. HA! I wish I could see it on the security cams... I bet it's hysterical.

I worked the last 2 days in agony on pain meds to make it thru.... my back is seriously messed up. But the good news is tomorrow we leave for FLORIDA!! Im sure sitting in the hot tub and running around on the beach will do wonders for my back. If not I have a dr's appt. when I get back. (they couldnt get me in before I left)

Have you gals seen the gallery us gals at Caardvarks made for The Embellishment Studio? If you havent you need to go take a look. Especially if you love vintage lace and ribbons. Its card-a-licious. Check it out.

This card is one of the six that I made. I so wish I had time to make more. I know I will be using every scrap of that ribbon its so lovely. Thanks to Susan again for sending it my way.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

**happy dance**

I found out Thursday that I made the design team over at Ally Scraps I am so excited to begin working with the girls. The message board is so fun and the store is packed with scrappy goodness. Its going to be awesome :)

View the announcement here to see the rest of the team

Friday, July 13, 2007

A little peekie

Have you girls heard of the Embellishment Studio?? If you havent you are so in for a treat. Susan creates beautiful kits with lovely vintage finds.

Susan has generously sent all of us Caardvarks girls this absolutely STUNNING mix of vintage ribbons and laces from the 40's to use for the next (July 20th) challenge. I tell you girls this stuff is DIVINE. I just keep staring at it. She has also offered up a lovely prize to the winner of the next challenge. You will NOT want to miss this.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cards Cards Everywhere

Im having so much fun with our caardvarks challenges. I am really going to miss having to create a card everyday. Jen and Nathalia did a fantastic job choosing the challenges. Its making me try new things with cards and Im LOVING it! Plus Im adding to my card stash and that is always a good thing :) Not to mention the utter fabulousness of the gallery!! So many different styles. Its so inspriational.

Here are a couple of my cards. Want bigger? Just click um :)