Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dizzy Blonde

I havent been around much because Im so darned dizzy. Anytime I moved my head to fast I have to stop and catch myself. Sometimes it also comes with a migraine or the severe queasies. The back of me neck hurts most of the time. Usually Im okay if I go slow, but its been almost 2 weeks. My Dr. thinks I have vertigo and only gave me Dramimine 2. (along with something stronger for the migraines) So basically Im a drooling dizzy mess when I am at work, but Im there.

It has been getting better! but Im going to call on Monday and ask for an MRI. Better safe than sorry.

I havent scrapped much because I get dizzy easily while looking down. I did manage to do Category Stories this week..... I had to cut up a coloring book to do it.The caregory this week is favorite childhood character. Luckily Santa Claus gave me a disney princess coloring book a few years ago. It was fun to color and alot easier than trying to print without a computer hooked up to my printer. :)

I also got to see Dark Knight yesterday! I was so excited I somehow convinced Matt to stay up half the night and go with me. It was so awesome. Heath Ledger's joker is so deliciously dark. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I wasnt sure I liked Bale's batman until this movie. Go see it! Its worth the $8

We wnet to the midnight movie Thursday late. The first theater we went to.... over an hour before showtime had 1500 seats and they were all SOLD OUT.We called another theather 20 minutes away and were able to buy them over the phone with my credit card. They were sold out by the time we got there. (At least 1000 seats)Im still shocked that many crazy people like me rush to the midnight shows.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In Heaven.....

Since Ive been crazy for the last month I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I made the Design Team for Scrapbook Heaven. It is a super fun site with a great blog and a store full of scrappy goodness. And all you Caardvarks fans... we also have a NEW card kit designed by past Caarkvark Bety.

To kick off the new team we are having a Sketchapalozza party. If you love sketches, scrapping and prizes then you need to check it out!

I got to work with the lovely kit #1 with month... Pink Truffles. Here is what I came up with.