Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holy Pinched Nerve batman

I have been in pain since Sunday night. I dont know what I did it just hurt. I couldnt turn my head to the left at all. Sleeping was horrid. Anytime Id move Id wake up from the pain. I was actually more comfy sitting in the recliner with my shoulder propped up than in my bed.

Good news is after 2 trips to the chiropractor it feels much better. It still hurts and work tomorrow is not going to be easy, but I think I will survive. I have muscle relaxers but they are EVIL and I hate taking them.

Having the extra time off helped me get my scraproom in order. I bought some new storage and moved some things around (my room is so small) Im almost done with everything but the paper. (and I am a paper whore)

The layout above is my last official ((sob)) layout for Allyscraps. It uses the Fancy Pants holly jolly line. I cant belive my term is over in 2 weeks. It seriously flew by. Allyscraps is such a fantastic store to work for. Im so going to miss it. I'll probably scrap a few more layouts for them (I still have lots of my kit left) but this is my last official one. That makes me sad.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More challenges

I love how some songs are so catchy that you can hear them once and find them dancing thru your brain. Last week we went to see Sweeny Todd and for some reason the songs stuck with me. I hope they have a soundtrack. I already know I need the Juno soundtrack, might as well pick them both up at once.

I have really been loving challenges lately. They can so help when the mojo is just not there. This layout is actually for 2. The theme was inspired by the Scrappin the Music #20 Blessed by Martina McBride. The paint was inspired by a challenge at Tallyscrapper to paint at least 40% of your layout. Its a sloppy mess, but its mine :) I accidentally ripped the L off and liked how it looked so I didnt glue it back on!

I also finished this layout for Allyscraps using the Owl pals line from Sassafras Lass. Since Ive owl'd it up before I used it in a non-Owlie fashion.

My grandmas ring is very special to me. She died right before I turned 12. She had lung cancer. One night she went thru her jewelry piece by piece and listed who she wanted to have what. This is the ring she left to me. I wear it on special occasions so I can take her with me. I love the big pearl. Its so pretty and funky.

The lace chipboard circle is handmade. I used a piece of an old lace shirt to cover the circle. The rest of the lace is vintage from The Embellishment Studio (as are the buttons)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The old couple in the theater

The other night we went to see the movie Juno. It was completely adorable and heart warming. I loved it. It was witty, funny and full of charm. My husband claims is a chick flick disguised as a comedy. I think it was nice to see a smart comedy.

I did however go see it at the 7:30 show. Since the schedule I work makes me somewhat nocturnal I rarely go to a show at that time.

The theater was filled with children. Popcorn throwing, joking, commentating, loud talking children. (or me 15 years ago) They made me laugh harder. Except for one part. The part that made me realize I was now old to them.

At one part in the movie Jason Bateman kisses a girl. When this happens every little girl in the theater screams ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (and someone even yelled "he's old")

Um... hello?? Jason Bateman is seriously CUTE! How do they not see that? Okay he isnt exactly at his hottest in this movie but he is a kissable guy people. and he is MY husbands age. He is so NOT old! Im still not used to him being the dad in Arrested developement (which I really miss)

Im so excited to have today off to play. Queen Kat designs sent us gals at Caardvarks the CUTEST stamps to use for next months Lovefest. I cant wait to ink them all up.

Here are a few layouts I made for challenges over at tallyscrapper.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Challenge Time!

I love a good scrappy Sunday. Today I got to scrap and watch football. My favorite kinda Sunday. Unfortunately I was rooting for Green Bay & San Diego (a whales vagi...)

I wandered over to ScrapMojo and played along to their newest challenge. I trash dig alot so this was a fun challenge for me. I used some old 50/50 tickets (shoved in my purse instead of thrown when I lost) A tulle circle (which was around a baby shower favor) and those cute little Yes/Maybe tabs from Lucky Magazine.

The darling little crown stamp is from Queen Kat designs.

The photo is of my husband pretending he is Gerhard Reinke of the short lived, but oh so funny show Wanderlust. It was a travel show spoof that was on back in 2003. We discovered it on reruns a few years later. We taped most of that (2005) trip with a fake German accent and have several thousand "Ouch" My ANKLE moments.

The next Caardvarks challenge is sponsored by Heart in Hand Scraps. They are generously donating a fabulous prize to the winner of the kick ass BLUE MOON challenge. Here are my cards for the challenge. The last one sucks, but I was trying to be creative... lol

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I know a secret....

I know a little secret... and it has nothing to do with this layout about me making pie :) But it does pack a BIG BITE.

In honor of the brand NEW site. More than Scrapbooking is having its first EVER 24 hour crop-a-polozza! The crop starts 5pm (mst) Friday Feb. 1st and runs until 5pm Saturday Feb 2nd.

So come on by and SINK YOUR TEETH into the brand new message board. It has so many cool features including My Studio (a myspace type program for scrappers) The design team is working hard on multiple challenges, games and technique tutorials to keep you inspired long after the crop is done. Plus there are LOTS of prizes.

The owner Lori will kill me if I tell you what the grand prize is, but I will tell you IT'S BIG and IT BITES and with it you'll definately be SET when you get it. ;) **hint hint**

Stop on by and play with us for the crop or stop by a register now and be a part of it from the beginning!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun with thickers

I am a thicker addict. Im serious. I just cant get enough and I rarely make anything thickerless. The other day I was playing with some plain white chipboard thickers and I had an idea. I got out my markers and I turned those white thickers into this....

Basically all I did was outline the letters with a black American Crafts slick writer then I scribbled with my bright sharpies. It could be a little neater, but I like things kinda messy. I felt like a genious. Im sure Im not the first person to think of this but I love the way it looks. I know Im gonna wanna do it alot. I guess Id better buy more white thickers.

Here is the layout I created for Allyscraps with the new Junkitz destinations line. Imagine how boring it would look with plain white thickers. Kahunaville is a fun little tiki bar restraunt inside Treasure Island. (more Vegas baby)

As for the wedding, the weather was beautiful and so was the wedding. It was in a gorgeous state park in FL. My brother was so happy and I love his new wife to pieces. It was SO warm. This Ohio gal was thrilled to be swimming at midnight. I'll have layouts to come to show you all about it.

Oh and since Im outlining thickers.... here's a little peek for the Jan 20th Caardvarks challenge.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

When it rains, it pours


That is the sound of me screaming to get the stress out. I cant wait til next week when there is nothing going on.

Monday evening after the crazy mess of the pitiful Ohio State game I came home to get my stuff all finished for the wedding. I had just bought 2 strapless bras and was trying them on with my dress to see which would hold my girls in best.

That is when my zipper decided to have a mind of its own. The flimsy little thing pulls away from the dress because the teeth were crooked. Worse I couldnt get the dress off. Then I try to pull off the bustier to see if that would help and it got stuck in my hair. So after 4 minutes of untangling my hair I realize my dress is really stuck. Finally after 10 minutes of fiddling (including my husband getting the pliers out) I get the damned thing off.

Of course there now is the horror that my dress needs a new zipper and I have to leave for the airport in 2 days. So now Im sobbing, panic'd that I cant get it fixed in time. I was supposed to drive it to my brother Tues. afternoon so I didnt have to carry it on the airplane. Now I didnt even have a dress I could wear.

I got up early on Tuesday and proceeded to run around looking for someone ANYONE who can do a new zipper in 2 days. Alot of people just looked at me like I was nuts... and bridal shops wont touch it if you didnt buy it there. (she had us order them online) Finally I found someone who would take it. She didnt have the right zipper. I told her ANY zipper at this point would work. I was out of time

Im supposed to pick it up in an hour. *fingers crossed* it tooks okay. I so want this dress drama to be out of the way!

Onto some happy scrappy stuff. Here is a matching card/layout I made for a crop challenge at AllyScraps. The little guy is my sweet nephew Tyler.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A crazy week

It is only week til my brother Matthew gets married. 1 week! Oh lordy there is lots to do. I have to make sure bridesmaids dress is ready to roll (and I need something to hold my girls up in that strapless dress that doesnt involve the duct tape I used when in college.... owie) I have to take my dress to him on Tuesday before he starts driving so I dont have to take it on the plane (he's getting married in Florida) Probably should go tanning a few times so Im not the pastiest white girl alive next to all those Florida gals.

Work will be crazy with the National Championship on Monday. I dont even want to think about it yet. Monday is my normal day off, but I have to work for this. Its alot of running but not alot of money. Id rather be slow.

This will probably be the hardest week for my LOAD layouts. I did manage to get the 3rd and the 4th done. #4 is with my January More than Scrapbooking kit I was assigned cards not layouts this month, but I couldnt help myself. Its so pretty

Caardvarks went up on the 1st instead of today, so if you havent been there yet you NEED to check out the exclusive Becky Fleck cardmap and take a look at the stunning cards the design team made. I love how we can all use one sketch and have the cards be soo different! Of course I had to funk mine all up. I so love the owlies

Time for work now *grumble* Here's hoping its a good one. xoxo

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I cant believe its 2008. Its almost beyond my comprehension. 2008... The year that I turn 30. The year I start thinking about having babies. :) :)
2007 went out quietly for me. No big party like I usually have. It was very odd to not be cooking and cleaning all day and drinking and eating all night. I was actually sober at midnight this year. Then for some reason I got really bummed. I fixed it by making Matt play the Simpsons LIFE game at 3 in the morning. He beat the pants off me.

Ive decided to do the Big Picture Scrapbooking 31 layouts for 31 days of January challenge. Its going to be super tough! I usually dont get to scrap everyday anymore. Life gets in the way (stupid life) I did get day 1 and day 2 finished. Both of them are from Vegas

2 down, 29 to go :)

I also got to play with the oh so romantic kit from More than Scrapbooking. It features beautiful papers from bo bunny and CI and a love board book. Here are some mini valentine cards I made with the kit.