Tuesday, May 27, 2008

da da dun daaaa

dun da daaaaaaaa!

Lemme tell you a secret...... I have a wicked case of the HOTS for Indiana Jones. (well Harrison in anything... but most of all as Indy) Needless to say I was first in line to see the midnight showing last Wednesday night. It was packed. They had 2 theaters holding over 600 people each full of crazy Indy fans in hats with whips and everything. I was SO po'd that I left my camera at home. I loved the movie. It was packed with action, villainous commies and close calls. It wasnt the best movie ever, but it totally caught the spirit of the series. I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect way to kick off the summer blockbusters. I a movie fiend. I have a list that Im waiting to see including Sex & the City, The dark knight, Hellboy2, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Get Smart and The Happening.

Im behind on blogging and forgot to show you the creations from the oh so pretty May kit from Simply Obsessed! Here they are!! I Love the Crate Paper sweet branch line (and I dont usually like soft colors)

Crud... I cant find my picture of the card I made... Oh well I'll edit it later! Hope you all have a grand Tuesday! Im off to work. (ick)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Good news and sweet tally fun

Yippee!! We now got all the $$$ back that was stolen from my husbands account Part went in yesterday and I just looked and we got the rest of it back today.

Thank God there were no problems getting it back. I am blessed that I have an understanding landlord and we have seperate accounts. I cant imagine how bad it could have been under different circumstances. I didnt really lose anything.

Its time for another Category Stories challenge! This one is all about the sweet stuff. Candy. My ass wishes I didnt love it but its so damned good candy. Ive been trying to be good and keep this junk out of the house so I snagged the box of milk duds at the movies last weekend. Matt cracked up that I had to buy candy for a layout. You'd think he'd be used to my weirdness.

I used the oh so fabulous arent you upset you missed the sold out May tally kit for this layout. Actually for ALL of these projects. I just couldnt stop!

and another shout out to the Cleveland Caveliers who kicked Boston's booty tonight in Game 6!! Here's hoping they can do it again in #7!! *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A spring fling!

I just cant stop creating with the May tallyscrapper kit "Spring Fling"

Holy crap its fabulous! Its so happy and fun. I have had it for 3 days and Ive already completed 4 layouts and Im itching to play some more. It calls my name from across the room. Its a must have kit if ever there was one. Did you see the handmade feltie mushrooms and the ribbon roses?

It doesnt go on sale til May 15th but you can stalk it here. Its a steal at $27 (there is a a mini book, a rollerdoodle, hambly.... seriously cool stuff) and for the first time EVER tally is shipping internationally so you gals across the seas can join the tally fun.

Here are a few of my examples. Another one is coming for the new Category Stories that will be up May 15th!

So far its been a pretty good week. My mom was away for Mother's day so we postponed it til next weekend. I was on my own on Sunday. Since it was a dreary rainy afternoon Matt and I decided to use a $20 gift card to go to to 2 matinees. We saw Baby Mama (my choice) and Iron Man (his choice) Both movies were great! Baby Mama was so funny. I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together. Iron Man was an awesome comic book action movie with great graphic and an actual plot (imagine that)

and one more thing..... GO CAVALIERS!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All bets are off

We spent Monday at Mountaineer Casino in West Virgina. Its only about an hour and a half from us and one Matt's clubs was organizing a free bus trip! We even got food and gambling vouchers.

We started the morning by getting up early enough to go breakfast... then it was Bloody Marys on the bus. I think we were a bit tipsy by the time we got there and it wasnt even noon. We sobered up super quick when we found out they actually charge for drinks. (Ive never seen a casino charge for drinks when you are playing the tables)

It was a fun trip though... we didnt win much but we had fun playing. We played some roulette, slots, blackjack and then went over and bet on the horses. I got some great photos to scrap. It was the perfect amount of time. We never got bored and when it was time to go, we were ready. (Next time I want to go to the SPA and hang out in the whirlpool though) I saw that Blondie is going to be there in June and I really would LOVE to see her! Tickets arent bad... its gas I worry about. Ick.

Its also time for a NEW Caardvarks challenge! This one is HOT HOT HOT! Here is my flaming hot card for the challenge, but hand's OFF... It belongs to the Lovely HO as part of our Tallyscrapper card swap. Winner will receive a prize package from our sister site Itty Bitty Scrap Shack! Show us how HOT you can be.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Scrappy happiness

Im trying scrap therapy to make me stop obsessing about money. It seems to be working for far. I think it helps that I know in my gut things will be okay in a few weeks. Im such a worrier that Im surprised I am this calm. I know that its temporary.

There is a new Category Stories challenge up and it is a FUN one. (and you can win a SIStv giftcard) I actually used a page from Japanese Vogue that came in a kit (I think from Story of my Life) for this layout. I believe it was an ad for Louis Vuitton. I just loved the wicked vibes of the black and white and since there are no photos here, there was no need to worry about acidity (if you follow that rule.... I dont always)

Its going to be a fun weekend for crops! I get to play at both TallyScrapper and Simply Obsessed. If you are around and want to win some cool shiznit stop by either site. I promise you a good time. Tonight is my early night at work (I *should* be home by 10) and I plan on chatting and scrapping. (I already have my bottle of wine in the fridge chillin) I cant wait to check out the challenges.

To the assholes in Cali who took my money?

You are the lowest form of scum. How dare you steal my husband's debit card number and steal my money. Why do you think you are entitled to something that isnt yours? Do you think its a victimless crime? We arent made of money. That was our rent money you stole from us. Why am I paying for $800 of your gasoline? How are you doing this without the card? Do you work there? Are you running my card and filling up your friend's tanks. Dont think you will not be found. We have spoken to a detective. Gas stations have cameras. Since you were there 7 times a day for 3 days Im sure they will identify you. Was it worth it?

The bank says we should recover most of the money, but not for 3 weeks. The account is already in the negative. Unfortunately my husband has direct deposit so we also lost his paycheck to the overdraft fees as well. The bank wont credit those until after the 3 weeks. Its going to be a sucky month. I just pray I am busy at work and can make enough money to cover and that my landlord is cool about the rent being late. (I think he will be. He's a pretty cool guy) Hopefully I can pick up and extra shift or 2 to soften the blow.