Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hangin w/ Wy

Dontcha just LOVE twilight? I tend to be a little obsessed. I cant wait til the movie comes out... only one more month! Im thinking of reading the books again. I cant find my copy of Vampire LeStat anywhere so at the moment Im stalled on Ann Rice... and a girl needs something to read in the bathtub. A nice bath can make my back feel better.

Im still on restriction for my back. (I hurt it a few weeks ago when a beer keg fell on me and I caught it)Im only getting 3-4 days a week at work and they are short shifts... its like 20 hours a week. My pocket is starting to feel the cut in hours. It makes me wish I had persued this thru workers comp.... but at the $3.50 I make an hour I didnt think it would be worth the hassle.

It is good that I have a few days off. My poor SIL is in the hospital. (if you are the praying type please say a prayer for her) She has bad inflamation and they are still doing tests. I ran up there yesterday after talking to my brother and took Wy so he could go to the hospital. We had a great time playing and watching Veggie tales. Here are a few picture I took. Dont mind the lack of makeup and messy hair.

Isnt he just the sweetest little guy! He is almost 7 months old now... and boy oh boy does he look like my brother!

Iver also been getting ready for the crop this Friday at Scrapbook Heaven! If you arent doing anything this Friday stop by the message boards for a spooktacular time! It runs 6-midnight. While you are there (or perhaps NOW) go check out the massive kit sale... 40% all kits (including this months!)Hey Caardvarks fans....Bety's fabulous card kits are only like $10! Tell them Sarah R sent you to make Shannon happy at me :)

Here are projects I made with my last Scrapbook Heaven kit