Friday, May 21, 2010

Sneaky Peeks!

Here is my lil peekie of the June Tidbitz in Time kit! Its so awesome and full of fabulous textures. Canvas, burlap, flocking (as you can see in the picture) plus much much more! Just maybe you can guess the kick butt paper line too! Hop over there and get a SUB so you dont miss out. (plus you save money with a sub) There are still a FEW of the sparkly, glittery, lacy, girly May kits left.... so pick one up while you are there. You wont be sorry.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Teething is HELL

One minute my daughter is happy and giggling while crawling all over the living room floor. The next she is crying and clingy and wont let me put her down. I know her poor teethies hurt. Im SO glad that she will not remember this. The Hyland's teething tablets help a lot especially since I cant really orajel her before its time to breastfeed and we have spent the last 2 feedings crying at the boob due to mouth pain. After the tablets she can eat at least and finally fall asleep.

She took a really long nap today on my lap. I tried to lay her down 3 times but she woke up so I just snuggled her against me and watched The Hangover on HBO. How she slept through me laughing my a$$ off I will never know. Ive seen it 3 times and it never ceases to make me crack the heck up!

I am however behind on EVERYTHING today because all Ive done is hold Aubrey. Scrap that Baby went up late today. I am supposedly washing the sheets and comforters today (but the sheets are sitting in the washer because the comforter is taking forever to dry)  Its 9 pm and I havent started dinner yet (but at least my husband isnt home from work yet)  nor have I completed my meal plan and shopping list for next week. Im tired and Im starting to get a migraine. It is just NOT my day.

Not to mention I really want to scrap and I cant. I did get some done on tuesday. Here is the latest for Scrap that Baby. It's Aubrey at 11 weeks old playing PS3 with Daddy. I cant believe she had that much HAIR!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The North Market

I frequently drag my husband new places to explore. Needless to say before we went to Columbus I researched some interesting low cost places to visit. The first place on my list was the North Market. If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio.... you need to check this place out!

The North Market is an indoor market full of specialty and gourmet shops. There are 35 different shops under 1 roof and each shop is deliciously different from the other. Its a foodie's dream.

Since we hadnt eaten lunch (and were going out for sushi way later) we decided to try a few things from a couple of the shops and then we bought a couple more things to take home with us. I wish this place wasnt an hour and a half away as I know Id find myself shopping there often.
The first thing I had to have was an ice cream cone from Jeni's splendid ice creams. (see what a good sport my husband is posing with his ice cream cone) I had heard about them by watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate on food network . To begin with they let you try EVERYTHING! (I have a collection of tiny spoons to prove it... and of course I kept said spoons to scrapbook... yes I am a dork, but I digress) .... and when I say everything... I mean everything. I swear I sampled at least 20 amazingly different ice creams. I ended up getting a cone with 3 scoops. Thai Chili, Brown Butter Almond Brickle and Salty Caramel.

We went upstairs to eat our cones. There are tons of tables overlooking the market and there is a cooking school. Boy do I wish I could take a class there.

After we had our ice cream we decided to get a few snacks to take back to the hotel with us. We bought some awesome salsa and tortilla chips from CaJohns, a delicious cheese pack for 2 (for $5) from Curds and Whey, a big bag of Chicago style popcorn (a mix of caramel and cheese corn) from Pam's. .... and on the way out the door some homemade fresh potato chips with bbq sauce to eat in the car. There was SO much more I wanted to buy but we werent going right back to the hotel and the other things wouldnt keep. There were also tons of places to eat right there, but we already had planned on a late dinner out.

Its a VERY cool place! I cant wait til next time Im in Columbus so I can go again!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hump Day Challenge #1

You want a little challenge for bloggers??!! Im going to start posting little challenges on Wednesdays just for the fun of it! It gives you a reason to blog on wednesday! It doesnt have to be wednesday for you to play.... just post during the week and tell me about it before the next Wednesday for the blog list! :)

This wednesday I challenge you to post 10 things you are OBSESSED with right now! Post pictures so we can all check them out! Link back to this blog and I will post a LIST of blogs playing for everyone to visit

10 things I am obsessed with right now..........
Lost - The Complete First Season 
been sucked into Lost since i watched them all while on bedrest. its almost over but still has me freaking obsessed

2. Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera
seriously delicious! i get mine without the gorgonzola and i get it every time i eat at panera
The Panera Bread Cookbook: Breadmaking Essentials and Recipes from America's Favorite Bakery-Cafe

Smells so so good!

4.My iphone
and the apps for that... so many apps I use on a daily basis

5. Facebook
status updating, commenting, picture updating, group hopping, game playing
but honestly I love that I can stay in contact with family and sorority sisters who live in other states

6. My local Library
I mean they let you take books, cds, dvds etc HOME for free. I still feel like I should be paying when I checkout... lol. I love getting new books for Aubrey and me both!

7. The Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire book series
Dead Until Dark (Original MM Art) (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) 
I figured, I love True Blood, I love vampire novels why not start these... and Im hooked. Ive also read most of the Ann Rice books and Twilight. These are kinda in between. 
8. Especially for Baby Freezer Cubes 
I make my own baby food and i love these!!  They are the perfect size and very portable.I bought them at Babies R Us
9. Sid the Science Kid
I dont let Aubrey watch much tv... however she watches Sid everyday while mommy eats lunch. I need that 1/2 hour a day
Sid the Science Kid: Change Happens 
10. Scrapbooking!
My love for this hobby just never seems to go away. Even when I lost my mojo... I still wanted to scrap, I just couldnt. Its my form of ME time

What are YOUR 10 obsessions of the moment!?? Post them up leave a  link back to this blog. If you think about it tell me you posted in my comments so I can go read your blog and see what YOU are into at the moment!! Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Design Team announcement

I have some exciting news! I have been asked to design for the fabulous NEW kit club Tidbitz in Time! This killer new club is large, embellishment heavy and showcases video tutorials of hot techniques!

The May kit Sunny day is so happy and cheerful. Every single paper is encrusted with GLITTER! There is more sparkle than that! It contains bling, organza, stickles, lace, beads and MORE!

Check out what I did with the May kit.... then go buy one here!

as you can see I created a TON of projects.  The kit is so gorgeous I just couldnt stop creating! If I hadnt gone out of town I would have made even more things. Its perfect for spring and summer pages, easter, girls and more. Sorry the card pics are dark! Its what happens when you create more stuff in a hotel room and try to take pictures with your iphone on the bed while your baby giggles and rolls around. :)