Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rock on!

I need a mojo shot. I did manage to do layout of my little brother the other day. I found these little robots he drew me along with his school picture in a box from my old apartment. He'd probably *DIE* about this now at 16. (we wont tell him)

Im feeling a little inspired tonight. I got on late to get a fabulously funky zingBOOM kit and check out all the Poppy Ink add ons. I bought my first ever add on package... Dylan. I couldnt resist.

Speaking of PI...The whole Rockstar thing got me pulling out my mp3 player and jamming for awhile and jotting down notes for layouts while surfing the net. I have several titles, lyrics and themes running around my notebook.

So inspiration is here... mojo is gone. At least tomorrow is mY early night. I should be home by 9:30 from work. After I make dinner I can get some work done. Cards, dt projects and fun to do! :) Rock on girlies!


Lynn said...

I love this layout. Especially the robots! I hope you get your MoJo back. I've got to find mine also. Haven't done a thing in weeks.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sarah!

Those Robots your brother made are COOL!!! I love kids doodles! Hope you're mojo returns (send some my way too ;) happy creating!

your lucky leprachan

Monica said...

maybe your mojo is out to lunch with my mojo :P

love that lo of your lil bro. totally dig his robots!