Monday, September 17, 2007

Challenge day

Im still trying to get over a nasty cold, so today I decided to take it easy. I tried to not leave the house, but my husband insisted on making me go out for Chinese food (which was mighty good). I punished him by making him drop me at the lss for a half hour. He didnt mind one bit. I got some fun embellies

So I got home and scrapped the day away while my honey played playstation. Sometimes I just love knowing he is here and having fun. It was nice. Since I had extra scrappy time and couldnt print the pictures I need for dt work (I bought the wrong cartridge...DOH!) I decided to do a few challenges.

The first one I did was Color my World's 2nd challenge. I made this funky red and blue painty layout. I also used painters tape and a page out of a notebook

The second challenge I did was for the How Much is too Much? Its challenge 51 (10 elements, 10 goals) I think this one will be fun to look at in 10 years and see just how many actually hold true.

My mom is doing better. Thank you to those who prayed for her. She is relaxing and enjoying a special trip for her 10 year anniversary.


Stampin' Meg said...

Great LOs-I wonder what you will think when you look back on your goals one 10 years from now?!

lauren said...

...i was just gonna email and ask how your mom is doing...i'm so pleased she is OK & off having fun! LOVE these LO's--cold or no--you rock, as per usual!