Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Games Games Games

Today was just peachy keen. I love having my husband home from work with me. We usually dont get many total days off together and today was one of them. We slept in, had breakfest and watched a movie. Then we walked downtown for lunch. (yes walked in the huge snow drifts! thank goodness for my toasty warm Uggs) On the way back we stopped at the discount store and found a few board games on mega sale. Ive had a thing for board games ever since I was a kid so we bought a few just to try them out. The Apprentice and Battle of the Sexes IQ edition. I figured even they suck... they were only $5 (which is cheaper than a movie) and we will be entertained all evening. And we were. They were actually pretty fun. I really wanted to play Scene It Seinfeld and Clue tonight too... but we ran outta on time.

Now Matt is going to bed and I have to do something to entertain myself. Tally is down so Ive been a refreshing fool. I need my fix darnit! Hanging out on facebook is so not the same. I may have to actually clean something

It is guttergirlz time again. This is my first official layout as a design team member. The challenge is awesome. I just love this song by Jewel and the lyrics fit my new mantra for 2009. I used chicken wire for the wire part of the challenge. No I dont have chickens... but I did have a little piece laying around my craftroom. Go Go check out prompt 15 and get in the gutter! You wont be sorry.


Brandy said...

i am all about the gutter! loving it! and you couldn't pay me to walk in the snow, don't know how yall do it

LoRi said...

Love your scrappin' style, Sarah!

Susan said...

I am in there..did ya see me??

Eleanor said...

I like your layout - the colors, texture - nice!