Tuesday, July 07, 2009

come out come out wherever you are.....

oh mojo? where for art thou mojo? I cant seem to do anything creative. I dont know if its because I have been feeling like ass or if its because Im constantly tired, but frankly its starting to piss me off.

I WANT to create. I sit down to create... then NOTHING HAPPENS. Its so unbelievably frustrating. I started making some ATCs for a swap a week or so ago. I covered all my cards, painted some, glimmer misted others... got the backgrounds looking mighty fierce.... and now they sit, unfinished fierce backgrounds.

Ive been trying to create in other ways. Ive been looking at decorating books and trying to decide on colors for the house and which IKEA cabinets I like best. So far I have the kitchen planned out. I wish I could go to the house and look around. It would really help me decide. My husband wont let me inside until all the black mold is removed and the lead paint is encapsulated. (which is smart) Im told that will be done by next Wednesday. I almost have to be in the room with paint samples to choose things. I need to check out the light.

I begin 3rd trimester in just a few short days. *fingers crossed* I can get everything done (packing, renovating, planting, decorating, moving, unpacking etc) finished before she decides to show up. Just 3 short months from now.

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Tyggereye said...

The boys both zapped out all my creative energy too. You'll have a burst of it once she comes then the sleepless nights get ya for awhile too. lol.