Monday, December 13, 2010

Iron on some fun

For this weeks altered item at Cookin Up Creations  I decided to use the super cute SEI "My own monster" iron on kit and make a few tee shirts for Aubrey. I received the Sassy Susie Monster kit. Not only was it super easy to use but they are fantastic quality. I purchased a package of 2T/3T shirts so they would be a little large on her and she could wear them as jammies. I got 5 plan white tees for $5.45. I plan to bling up the other 2.

Here is the tee shirt I made with the main iron on

Here she is wearing it. It was hard to get a decent picture because she was running everywhere. This is the only pic of 50 where the shirt is clearly visible and of course she is sneezing. (she has a lil cold) Ill try for a decent picture tomorrow when i have light.

Most pics look like this:

I also used the bits and pieces of leftover faces to make a few more shirts

She loves her shirt! She keeps patting her monster. The other 2 I put away for Christmas presents

I love these iron ons from SEI! I cant wait to get more. Now to find a store they are carried


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, soooo cute!! :)

Shell said...

I love the SEI iron ons - you are right they go on so easily.

I have some of the older ones - that are sort of sassy - good for kids and adults!

Email me your address and I will send you a couple - altho not sure they would be suitable for your cute wee girl!

DebW said...

Those are great iron ons and she is a cutie! Love her red hair!!

Sharla said...

Those are adorable!! And your little girl is such a cutie!!

Tracy said...

These shirts are so cute. Your little one is just adorable.

ashjoy said...

So cute!

Shel said...

The shirt (and the baby) are absolutely adorable! Great job!

Rbarakat said...

She looks so cute! What a fun project!

Marcie said...

I don't know which is cuter the shirt or your little one!