Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crafty goals for January/February

One of my New Years resolutions was to give myself more crafty time.  I have been spending too much of my precious free time watching television and playing on my ipad. I miss the craftiness. I know my daughter would love to do more crafts as well! Pinterest is NOT crafting! 

Another resolution is to get this blog up and running again so i can share my craftiness. Sharing makes me ridiculously happy... As does seeing what my crafty friends do. I miss it. 

To keep myself on track I'm making little goals. I cant help it. I'm a list maker. It will help motivate me. Here are my lists for January 15-February 28

First things first. Take care of my girl
1. Make homemade valentines with Aubrey
2. Make little heart shaped crayons
3. Make the ice cream cone christmas trees. I did them for the non profit christmas party and she has wanted to do them badly ever since. (Just ran out of time) I figure we could make valentines day trees :) need to buy heart sprinkles :)

Now take care of me
4. 12 layouts
5. 5 cards (and enter them in challenges) 
6. Make the cute little sock snowman i have been thinking about doing for a month.
7. Valentines day decorations of some kind. Maybe some garland or something sparkly.

And the blog
8. Figure out how to use my new scanner so i can share my layouts. 
9. 15 posts
10. Decide exactly what i want to do with it and plan.

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