Friday, September 01, 2006

Closing up shop

My husband closed his business today. Im so sad for him. He's beat, stressed and exhausted. Im getting worried. He's still there cleaning things up. He's burning the candle at both ends.

Im also trying not to freak at the idea that my husband no longer has a job. I am now the only $$ we have. Thank the Lord above that it is my busy season. Had I changed jobs already (to the 9-5 non weird hour job that I dream of), we would be screwed.

I know M wont be out of work long, he's brilliant. That along with the fact that I know he'd do anything to make sure we had the $$ for things. Hopefully he can get more freelance work in the mean time.

Here it goes. Life... and Ive only been married for 4 months.


shirley said...

Sounds like dh has a great supporter in you!! Hang in there for each other and things will be just fine!!

scrapperjen said...

Hang in there! When a door closes, somewhere a window opens. (My words of wisdom for today)