Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Im back! :)

We had a great time! The wedding was so fun and my cousin was so beautiful! She looks so so happy. Im so glad I got to go. We spent alot of time at the beach. It was so fun staying with all my family. Most of them I rarely get to see.
We left the house Sunday at 10. We then went exploring. We stopped at the Wright Brothers monument to show my brother and sister. Then we went shopping a bit. I made Matt stop at Ikea on the way back. We ended up driving my cousin Meredith back to DC. We stayed with her that night and went out as a group... to a big dinner and then pie at a little bar/bookstore.

Monday we got up and explored the museums in DC. I love that city. Everytime I visit I have the urge to move there. We then went to my cousins restraunt in Georgetown for a fabulous dinner... then shopping! I spent a little at H&M.

We left the city late and drove halfway home. We stayed at a hotel for the night. We needed some "us" time. We'd been around other people for the past week. It was nice.

I had a great weekend! Tommorrow I'll be back with pictures :)

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