Sunday, December 03, 2006

I had the best day today!

It was awesome. My husband was still in bed when I work up so I could snuggle him (he works days, I work nights)

Then we went up to this fabulous Japanese hibatchi place for dinner. We were celebrating 5 birthdays in the fam. and there were 16 of us. I had the filet & shrimp, a little sushi and 2 orange creamcicle martinis. It was so so good!

Afterwards a bunch of us decided to go bowling! We just kept getting CHEAP pitchers of crappy beer (I hadnt had Natty since college) It was so much fun! My aunties were trash talking and my cousin and my baby sister were rocking the "reverse granny" and other interesting moves.

Good times :) I love hanging out with the fam.

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