Friday, December 22, 2006


I love this little treasure chest I made. It was once an accordian album I bought from Target. Now it gets to hold a bunch of memories. Its actually more for storage than anyhing. I have boxes of crap laying around from when we were dating. Corks, cards, playbills, casino chips, tickets, and other little things that I cant scrap because they are just too big (or I dont have pictures to go with them) Now I have everything in one place :)

I used the October Poppy Ink kit for this. I added a few flowers and buttons.

and yes that is painters tape. ;)


Nicole Finlayson said...

That is sensational.

It must feel great to be organised :)

Nicole xx

saffiertje said...

This album is awesome, but how did you make it? What kind of materials did you use?
I'm curious!
Have a great idea throughout this album.
Really want to lift the idea.

You really make wonderful things.

Greetings Miranda