Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sickies :(

I have a bad case of the sickies. The last 3 days have been rough.... but I think now Im finally getting better. Sunday I spent most of the day in bed with McDreamy. Im started watching season 1 of Grey's Anatomy and Im very addicted.

I was able to get out of bed today and play in my scraproom. I got 4 cards and a layout done! I also started working on a challenge blog Im doing with the *fabulous and talented* Jenyfur. We'll be doing weekly funky card challenges using a variety of different things. Stay tuned if you need to build your card stash with some unexpected fun :)

I missed 2 birthday parties on Sunday. My niece Megan turned 16, which seems impossible because when I met her she was still such a little girl. The other birthday is my fun loving friend Mindy who turned 28. She is such rockin chick and very good to my little brother. Happy birthday girls!


Cammeron said...

Super Cute Cards!!

nicole said...

aawww. the sickies do suck. i sympathize. wait 'til you have kids. hehehe. then you get what they bring home. glad to hear you're feeling better!