Sunday, December 09, 2007

She's cold!!!!

Sometimes I do things that make no sense at all. Ive been sitting in my scraproom freezing. Its cold tonight, probably in the 20s, and snowing great big flakes. Im shivering so much that I go put one of Matt's big fleece pullovers (that smell like him.... mmmm) overtop of my sweater and turn on the fireplace in the living room. At that point something makes me just go get a fudgcicle.

Im freezing! Why on Earth would I want to eat something cold. I get the skinny cow kind. They are made with skim milk and still sooo good. I should have had hot chocolate or something because now Im shaking. Stupid stupid me. :)
OKay I just looked up the Skinny cow website to link it and they have stuff about scrapbooking! How cool is that!(yes I am a dork)

I got to play with some Owl pals. I just love little owlies and this SFL paper is just the cutest! I made this card and this funky mood journal. Fiskteer Sara shared this cool Heidi Grace challenge with me. Mine is a spiral 6x8. The tabs say "So happy", "So sad", "So in love", "So crazy" & "So bitchy". Very much me. :)

Only 4 more sleeps til VEGAS!! Now what should I pack?


Arielle said...

Sarah, will I fit in your suitcase?

Those little owlies are so adorable! You should try to win the Skinny Cow challenges and get free ice cream to help you freeze some more.

Melanie Gonzaga said...

OMG!!! Cayoot card!!!

Jolene said...

Cute owl work!

Torn-Paper Jen said...

Sarah! Love these! I just picked up this paper a few days ago - now I'm intimidated. Great work.

lauren said...

OMG! these are FABULOUS!!! i love the mood journal!!! (don't think i'll make one tho...might be SCARY in my case!) holy moly i LOOOOOOVE what you do!!!

ps: it is NEVER too cold for ice cream/frozen desserts. *never*!!! :)

Paula said...

I just love your style. Your creations are all wonderful.
Loved reading your blog.
Paula :)

lauren said...

well i know i already left much respeck for these beauties (...o'course they ARE cool enough to warrant 2 rounds tho...) but now i am back to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your truuuuue loooooove and i hope santa brings ya LOTS of goodies! xolb

Jolene said...

I'm here like Lauren for round #2. Merry Christmas!!