Friday, December 07, 2007

She cant sleep

Well my love has been gone for 1 day and already I cant sleep without him. Its almost 4am and Im back up. Its cold and lonely in my bedroom and its way to late to start scrapping....So here I sit, staring blankly into the computer fiddling with my blog template. (I finally upgraded...imagine that and all it took was my husband going to Vegas)

I so should have gone out with the girls from work tonight. Id be passed out with margarita right about now. I made myself come home and finish my design team projects instead. I started packing a little too. 5 days til Vegas, baby!! whoo hoo!!

Here are 2 Luxelicious layouts.

The first one is for Allyscraps. It uses the gorgeous Pashmina line. The 2nd uses vibrant Bustier for a Color contest.

Oh and all you Caardvarks fans. Keep an eye out for a special announcement... coming soon!!


Torn-Paper Jen said...

Terrific layouts. :)

Sandra said...

These layouts are amazing! I was so inpired by your l.o. Ruffle butt the I "lifted" it. It's on my blog called "True Love" just in case you wanna see what you inspired. Keep up the good work!