Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little vacation day

Ahhh gotta love government holidays. I got to have my hubby home with me all day. I didnt get as much done, but I got to sleep late, cuddle up and watch tv and cook a big dinner. Sometimes its just nice to do nothing together. We both vowed not to leave the house (its snowing like mad) and to only take calls from family. (which pretty much requires he turn his phone off)

I did manage to get one layout done (while he was watching the Trek) I combined my survivor week #2 layout at tally with Random Chaos #3.

I has a busy weekend full of baby showers and birthday parties. It was good to be able to spend time with family. I stayed late and the shower running my mouth so I couldnt get to the mall so I had to make my mom's birthday present. (doh!)

What I came up with is this little box. Its about 6x9. It used to house a mini bottle of lotion and a bath & body works gift card. I think Im going to make her a mini album to go inside. Im just waiting for her to gather up the photos. The little panel inside is where the wedding vows will go. I lucked out that the box was already printed with the plaid print.

Now I want to make one for me! I think I have another box laying around here somewhere.


Jenn aka boysmama said...

LOVE your layout!! SO cute!! I actually really struggled with mine (fall fun) but after seeing everyone else's I'm thinking that I just was putting WAY to much thought into it!! Great job for combining too challenges too!!
Jenn :)

ALLY said...

Fabulous Random Chaos page! Love all your attention to detail Sarah!!!

Brandy said...

some awesome stuff here!!!!

Holly said...

I love love love these!!!! That layout is sooo stunning!

Jolene said...

That box is beautiful! Go find one for yourself (you deserve it!) :^)

lauren said...

...that box...
holy mackeral!
good gravy marie!!!!!!!!

yikes, i am runnin' out of expressions which convey shock & awe! so lemme sum up:

box niiiiiiiice, ME LIIIIIIIKEE!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow your Lo is gorgeous...and that box is soooo beautiful...your Mam will love it:)
Thankyou for visiting my blog now I`m going to take a further look around yours at all your gorgeous creations:)x

sheila said...

I just love your little box. I know that she had to love it.

Anonymous said...

Hola Sarah...Thanks for the visit. Have to say I love your stuff. You are so creative!

Leah C said...

that box is amazing!!
absolutely gorgeous!!
missin ya!

Susan said...

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! When are you going to come scrap with me so I can make the little book for inside??

{raisingAlexis} said...

Sarah, this is beautiful !!!