Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter. (yes Im a few days late) Its been crazy around here. Im working overtime due to March Madness Basketball but I still managed to have a fun holiday with family.

I actually didnt feel rushed this year. We always go 4 places because both of our parents are divorced. (and drive too much) I made it thru the entire day on 3 hours of sleep. I was out the moment I hit the chair in my living room. At 10pm. That is like a normal person falling asleep at 4pm for the night.

I have managed to squeeze in scrapping to the wee hours of night a few times this week. It stinks not having my normal day off (where I get to scrap/clean most of the day) The extra $$ is good though. It means I can can buy some new stuff. :) Here are a few of my recent layouts :)

Road Sign stamp (stop sign) is Penguin Press.

oh and my super funky Caardvarks fruits & veggies card! Check out the blog for our most recent spotlight Rae Brathel.

Oh and watch for a micro soon!


Michelle Lanning said...

you are one busy girl and I know about the visiting all the inlaws and mom and dad -- at least you have some extra $ to spend on scrappy stuff! And of course great layouts!

Dolores said...

Sarah I love your layouts, you are just rocking!

Lisa said...

love the 'stop' layout - so cute!!

Lisa said...

your layouts are wonderful! I like all the bits! Very fun :)

Mom said...

Sarah...glad you were able to sleep on Easter night!I love the new layouts. Happy to see you put the pictures I gave you to fast use. See you on the 31st.

lauren said...

totally *TOTALLY* awesome layouts!!!