Monday, March 31, 2008

All things buzzy and purple

Late last night while my husband was sleeping I was in my scraproom creating with the beautiful Pink Paislee kit from Simply Obsessed and flipping thru the tv.

I came across an infomercial. Normally I change the channel, but this wasnt any ordinary infomercial.... and if you are easily offended please dont read any further.....

This one was selling *cough* Vibrators.... Seriously. Not a joke. It was either on Oxygen or the WE channel (I cant remember). I just started at it dumbfounded for a minute... like is this for reals? Who buys one of those things from the television in the middle of the night? I mean I know people buy them. Ive bought one in college (sorry Mom) but from the TV?? At 3am? Yikes!

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I almost woke Matt up and made him look, but I really didnt want a grumpy hubby today. Please tell me Im not the only person who has ever seen this!! It was hysterical.

Today is MICRO day at Caardvarks. You girls know what that means... You only have 1 day for your chance at the prize! Get your purple shmurple cards in before midnight tomorrow. If you are new to Caardvarks... you must go over... iof only to see Lauren's Purple People eater card. (and yes Im singing it too Lauren) Here are mine:


Leah C said...

I have to be honest.. I bought one... JUST KIDDING!
I've never seen them in an infomercial.. too freakin funny!

(OH, and before I hit enter.. my word verification was: TVLAAF... coincidence? haha)

Rachel Whetzel said...

lol I have seen that too!! I don't know who buys them...

My word verification was
eegid (reminded me of Eee Gads)

Mollie said...

That's hilarious! (about the infomercial) I have to say that I've never seen one like that before lol Kind of creepy if you ask me lol

Love those cards!!

lauren said...

ok, well, i b'lieve ya...but you should know...there's them as wouldn't!!! :)

(ps: ta v much for the shout out...sorry 'bout the song...if it's any comfort...i may NEVER get it out of my head now...seriously...never ever...sigh...)

(pss: your purple schmurples are also divine! not that it's anything new for you!)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards as always:)x