Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anything Goes!

Matt and I had the pleasure of going to see a production of Anything Goes this past Thursday evening at the Porthouse Theater. It was just fantastic. Not only was the acting great but it was so funny! And the music.... wow! (I really LOVE musicals)

This was my first play at the Porthouse and it definitely wont be my last. The cool thing is it is an outdoor theater! Next time I will be packing a big picnic so we can go a bit early and enjoy the scenery. They have boxed dinners you can buy, but I think it would be oh so romantic to pack my own and bring a bottle of wine.

I cant wait for the next play which is based on Alice in wonderland. too cool!

Ive had some time to create lately and Ive had some fun playing with my supplies. I made this funky pink card for the latest Caardvarks challenge. Ive been loving the cardboard look that's been poppin up. I ripped a box top in half and then inked it pink. Then I added some black ink to the edges. I then had to glitz it up The birdie is a stamped image that I turned into an epoxy chipboard embellie.

Unfortunately the photo really washed it out. I need to take a picture is daylight. Im really proud of it... it looks so much cooler in person. I need to rip up boxes more often (its not like I dont have any with all the ripped open priority boxes in my hallway)

I also got to make a few ATCs. I havent played in this medium for probably 2 years. I dont know why I ever stopped. (well I never really got started I only made a few and they sucked!) I think Im hooked. Its a good way to use my stamps (which is a good excuse to buy more) I cant find my precut cards and I was too lazy to cut more, so I just used a deck of playing cards I had laying around.


Tyggereye said...

Those are great ATC's. I love making mine. Last year I did Em Falconbridges 52 challenge and it was fun. I still have a few to do. They are great prompts.

vannasmom said...

Those atc's are awesome!!!
Yes A great use of stamps!!!
love your "pink" card, soo cute, think I will have to try a "pink"card !!
sounds like a neat theater too!!

All Pink girl said...

Wow what fabulous cards and ATC so gorgeous ,Dawnx

Christi said...

Oooo, musicals are one of my guilty pleasures....I'd love to see Phantom or Les Mis on Broadway, how cool would that be?!

Your pink card is uber fab...thought it was the best one on Caardvarks! The ATCs...ooooh, the ATCs!! I'd LOVE to trade you...I'm expeshelly in El Oh Vee Eee with the little piggy one! *swoon* Sooo cute!!

SmilynStef said...

Love that inked pink cardboard ... fabulous texture.

Brandy said...

duuuude, love the atc's!!

rachel whetzel said...

Yup. The ATCS rock just as hard as your cards do. :::sigh:::

Jenny B in Indy said...

LOVE the bird card!!!