Sunday, June 29, 2008

RIP dear pc

Last Thursday afternoon I lost something near and dear to me....

my desktop computer

....She was my friend and constant companion. I could always turn to her when faced with a boring afternoon. She will be sorely missed (May she rest in pieces on my office floor)

Okay but seriously, my PC crashed!!!! The sucker wont boot. :( Good news is the hard drive isnt fried so I should have no problems recovering the last month or so with of pictures. (I am lucky to have a hubby who is a computer master!) Bad news is she is definitely TOAST and I will have to buy another. Problm is I dont have $500 to do that at the moment. So until such time as I get a new computer I am stuck using Matt's ghetto laptop.

How can a laptop be ghetto you say? Its not that its slow or old, its just broken. I can only see the screen with a flashlight so I have to hook the moniter to it...and for some reason it cant hold a connection to save its life. Sometimes it lasts a 1/2 hour, other times minutes before I have to try and reconnect. Its a pain in the balls let me tell you.

Honestly ... even if it was new and perfect its still not MINE. I feel lost without bookmarks and I seriously cant remember which password goes where. So if I havent been around as much lately... this is why. Matt is going to buy me an ethernet cable so I dont have to rely on the wireless and can stay connected. Here's hoping that is soon. My house is way too clean already.

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rachel whetzel said...

I'm crying FOR you!! Not having YOUR computer SUCKS ASS. And a clean house is really SCARY.