Thursday, December 04, 2008

On the Trail

Have you ever played the game Oregon Trail?. I first played on a green screen Mac when I was in the 3rd of 4th grade. Man I loved that game. I was giddy on computer lab days.

Later I played the deluxe version and would toss all my old boyfriends in my wagon and ford the rivers til they all caught cholera. It was very cathartic.(LOL) I probably havent played that game in 15 years... and now for some reason I have to play it. Someone mentioned it the other day and now Im obsessed. I went thru most of my games. I swear I had this game at some point... but I cant find it. I wonder if XP would even play it if I did.

Somehow, someway I am going to get copy and Im going to play it. Heck its so old I can probably find somewhere to download it for free. I need to check that out tomorrow.

I managed to get some much needed scrappy time in. I created 5 cards for the upcoming caardvarks challenge AND got in a layout as well. Im almost finished with my category stories project too. whoo hoo!

I would scrap daily if I could. After Christmas I will have more time. :) I cant wait


Chris said...

This it?

TheresaK said...

um.....I used to love that game!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

Awesome work girl! And I don't think I ever heard of that game....lOL!