Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pregnant brain is a biatch

So let me tell you what happened to me on Sunday. I swear I am not a total ditz.... a blonde yes, but not a ditz.

A few months ago I bought my husband tickets to go see Flight of the Conchords for our anniversary. They were playing at one of the local colleges and I was able to get pretty good seats on ticketmaster. We both were anxiously awaiting the concert and talking about it constantly.

Flash forward to Sunday. My dad calls me to say that the entire family is going to dinner that night. My aunt and uncle were in from Maine and I feel like I havent seen them in forever. Of course I wanted to go. We drive 45 minutes north to go have dinner at 6:30. We are sitting there bsing with everyone and laughing about silly stuff when all of the sudden my brain clicks. OH FRAK we are supposed to be AT THE CONCERT!

Yes my pregnant brain had completely forgotten to go. (dont ask me what my husbands excuse was)

The concert started in 45 minutes. The only problem being our tickets were at home on the fridge.

So my husband jumps in the car and speeds home to get the tickets. Halfway there he calls me and tells me to call the box office to see if they can do anything. Luckily I purchased my tickets thru ticketmaster with my credit card so they were able to reprint my tickets. He quickly sped back to get me.

We made it to the concert 15 minutes late.... but all we missed was about 5 minutes of Mel who was opening while we tried to find our seats (which people were in and it was chaos in the arena... so our tickets were upgraded to even better seats so it worked out for the best)

and the concert was AWESOME! So much fun. I could have taken my shoe off and hit Jermaine he was so close shakin his sugarlumps. It kicked ass.


Nicole Laird said...

Oh the pregnancy brain! lol Glad you made it and had a great time! :0)

latte_grande said...

Oh my frikkin' GAWD, I'm SO glad you remembered and made the concert!! I can't even imagine the horror of missing out on that chance. Btw, I'm SO super jealous and SO happy for you at the same's a bizarre feeling! lol

{raisingAlexis} said...

LOL ... glad you finally got there!

That totally sounds like something I'd do and I'm neither blonde or preggers.

Brandy said...

i am sooooooo jealous!! ticketmaster never gave me a chance when they were here =(