Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

Our 3rd anniversary was last Wednesday but it was such a busy day for both of us. Matt had meetings and I had to work a big fundraiser at work for the Easter fire victims. We knew we wouldnt be able to properly celebrate that day so we decided to do something Thursday evening instead.

We had an ultrasound Thursday morning with the fetal development (high risk)doctor to check out the lil peanut and then Matt was supposed to go back to work. He however surprised me by taking the rest of the day off and got us tickets for the Cleveland Indians game that afternoon.

It was a noon game against the Royals early season so it really wasnt packed. There was nobody really there. It so so awesome to be able to sit in the sunshine and have a big hot dog with stadium mustard and some nachos.(quality nutrition for the babe... lol... but I have been being SO good) If only I could have had a beer.... but let me tell you the lemonade I had was mighty tasty.

The tribe ended up winning thanks to Grady's home run in the 8th inning that brought 3 runners home. It was so fun. Our seats here very high up but directly behind home plate. We had a spectacular view of everything. This is my view without the camera zoom! We usually sit behind the dugout on 3rd base, but I think I liked this view better (plus they were cheaper and we are on a budget)

Afterwards we went wandering around Cleveland. We were going to go to the Rock & Roll hall of fame but by the time we got there we would have had less than 2 hours to view everything. We decided to wait and go back when we had 3-4 hours to truely see all of it. (They had alot of Pink Floyd stuff I want to see) So we checked out the free portions of the museum and then wandered around the gift shop for a bit. It was a beautiful fun filled day.


BethB said...

Sarah---Congrats to you & Matt on your 3rd anniversary! I'm glad you got to spend the day together !! AND--I'm ALWAYS excited to here about your "little one" !! I'll assume everything went well w/the doc! You 3 remain in my prayers !!!! XO!

{raisingAlexis} said...

sounds like a wonderful day!

Happy Anniversary !!!

Kristi said...

Baseball is totally fun! Happy anniversary!

Susan said...


You look BEAUTIFUL. Pregnancy must agree with you. Happy Anniversary to you both. XO Mom

MotherMack said...

Sounds so awesome! I love the Conchords. Also, scrapbooking. And babies. And Tally. Gosh. We're practically twins! LOL!