Thursday, May 21, 2009

**Nerd Alert**

The Star Trek movie is AWESOME! I mean seriously!

My husband is a huge Star Trek fan.... as in he's watched every different series....even the stupid ones. (thankfully most of them on SCI FI while Im at work or in my scrap room hiding as I only tolerate the campy original or TNG) I knew I was going to have to go to this movie... and since the previews look kinda cool I really was eager to go. I in no way thought it was going to be a cool as it was. Awesome action, awesome suspense, awesome acting.... not to mention the eye candy (hello Chris Pine).

Of course the first 15 minutes made my pregnant self cry in my popcorn, but it was still awesome.

5 MILLION times better than Wolverine (even with the nekked Hugh Jackman)! Check it out


Kristi said...

I've never watched Star Trek, but when my "nerd herd" friends decided they were going to see it on IMAX I knew I had to go. I super loved it too, and it was 100 times better than Wolverine fo sho!

Susan said...

Amen...I LOVED this movie!!!