Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May shower and holy crap I actually scrapped.

Wheeeee! I cant believe its May already. I cant believe Im almost halfway thru the pregnancy. Time is going so so fast. Im currently a wee bit over 19 weeks.

My baby sister Jessica is also pregnant. This past Sunday my sil in law Mindy and I threw her a little baby shower. I took this picture of Mindy and Jess bellying up to the buffet line. We made her all the food she wanted. Mindy made a lasagna and I made her a mini salad bar. I even made a cheesecake from scratch for her (finally used the springform pan I have had for 3 years and never used)

She is so big right now. She is due June 2nd. I think its so exciting that our babies will be so close in age. Less than 6 months apart. She is having a boy and naming him AJ. She and her boyfriend are moving into their own place this weekend. I pray everything works out for them. She is so young... just turned 18. I just hope she finishes high school. (She has only 1 year left) I know she will be a good Mommy... but watching her try so hard makes me feel grateful that I waited to get pregnant til I was 30.

In other news... I actually scrapped! I mean seriously scrapped several times this week. Maybe my mojo is coming back. I made this cute little tag instead of a card to hang on Jessica's baby gift. It was fun digging thru my bag of scraps. It really makes me want to make more tags. I have been planning on making some to sell on etsy (to make some baby money I so desperately need)... I just never seem to get around to it. I think Im going to make this one my desktop in the hopes of inspiring me to do SOMETHING.

I also managed to do May #2 for category stories. The theme is "What's Cookin?" Check out the site to see what our storytellers cooked up this time. The prize is lots of HAMBLY!! Sweet, transparent vanilla scented HAMBLY! yum!

To win all you have to do is submit your NEW layout based (however loosely) on our current category. I chose to do mine on my adorable nephew Tyler (if you even knew the orneriness behind that sweet smile) who just loves to help my mom bake.

I also got my next guttergirlz layout done... but I cant show it to you. Its a secret until May 30th.... but I can tell you I really LOVE the song and my layout is really PINK!!

Have you ever played in the gutter with us?? If not you should. Its quite theraputic and very fun. If you already like to get dirty... maybe you should check THIS out!


rachel whetzel said...

I can't believe you only take one shower a month.

heh heh

You sis looks SO cute!! I was pregnant at 18... Best of luck to her! It's a tough road. TOTALLY and absolutely worth is.

and HEY!!! Why didn't you TELL me you scrap!?

Tyggereye said...

Glad to see an update! Keep going strong! :)

hanna said...

I love the tag! So cute! If you do decide to sell on etsy, I hope you post a direct link. I've started buying things off of there... Oh my what a bad, bad habit! *lol* There's sooooo many cute things and now that I'm pregnant, I'm finding so much more to look at... and so much more I'd just love to have.

Good luck to your sister. It's hard, but it can be done! (I was 16 when I had my oldest daughter and had 2 yrs left of high school)

Susan said...

What a great picture of Jessica...So sorry I was sick and missed her shower. I love the tag and the layout..Can't wait to see your other creations..

TheresaK said...

Good luck to your sister!! That is really cool that your babies will be so close in age! Great layout! I have not been scrapping too much lately...eek .Still in my rut! Hope you are feeling ok! take care!