Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So here I am 36 weeks pregnant. Im tired, Im swollen, but overall Im feeling good. I have these super sexy Shrek feet going on every night and a very sexy stretch marked covered belly. Good news is I havent gained much weight (go ahead and hate me... but I wasnt exactly thin to begin with. I wore a 12) I have actually weighed this much before sad as that sounds. At least it should be easy to get it off since Im assuming any child I have is going to weigh at LEAST 8 pounds.

Im done with work (whoo hoo) and Im busy nesting and filling my freezer with food so I dont have to cook once she gets here. Im thinking of starting a blog of my freezer recipes because I have made SO many things in the last 2 weeks. Im finding its just as easy to make 4 of something as it is 1 so once a week Im making a few things.

Im also packing up my apartment. We still havent moved. The house is behind schedule, but it's looking great. I have been promised I will have the keys on September 25th. I pray that they are in my hand that night. So much to do before lil Aubrey gets here.

I need to take a recent belly shot. I havent in a bit. Here is a picture of me and my mom about 3 weeks ago (at 33 weeks) and a picture of the darling wreath the had on the front door at the shower.

I wish I could give pregnancy the credit for the gigantic boobs, but sadly they havent grown at ALL. I wish I knew what size to buy once the milk comes in, but I havent a clue. Im thinking Im gonna need an F or something scary like that... and unfortunately all the stores only seem to carry nursing bras to size DD. What the hell is a girl supposed to do that wears a DD BEFORE she is pregnant?? Im thinking I'll just get a sports bra type for now til she gets here. If I have to spend $60 on a titsling Im only gonna wear a few months Im gonna be mad.


CouldBeAnyone said...

Hi Sarah... check with the hospitals in your area. There are a couple of lactation stores associated with hospitals around here, and they carry bigger nursing bras and will help fit them. I know it's going to be hard, but WAIT until your milk comes in because that does change your size in my experience. I had to do that b/c I was wearing a 34DD while nursing and even the stores that carried DD didn't have 34s (yeah, yeah, I know you can't feel too sad about that ;) ) Congratulations, and good luck! (and I can't wait to see baby scrapbook pages!)

Brandy said...

you look GORGEOUS!!! congrats, girl. also would like to request pics of the house... =)

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