Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Recipe blog is up!

Its still pretty rough as its only a few days old. It has no bells and whistles yet. No pretty graphics, no banners.... but what it does have is several recipes that are mighty tasty. I'll be adding to it every day as I keep trying new things. Not everything will be a OAMC or freezer recipe.(but alot will be) Some will be geared to entertaining. Some will be stuff you can make on the cheap. Some will be super easy and some for my friend the crockpot. There are labels on the side to guide you to what you are looking for.

Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Its almost moving day!! Yippee! Matt took Friday off to help finish packing. I will be working all week trying to finally get everything in boxes. I cant wait to unpack and reorganize my scrap stash. I really want to play with it soon. I cant wait to get the babies room all set up so I quit freaking stressing about it.

Hopefully the move in party goes as planned. I plan on bribing every guy I know with homemade lasagna and a keg of beer if they help for an hour or 2. The more people we get... the less work for everyone. Matt needs to get his butt on the phone and start calling people before I kick it.


Brandy said...

off to check that site out now, whoo hoo!!

Jule said...

Ha, ok Sarah, I'm glad I checked!
I had no idea you were moving, and I totally understand you wanting to get your baby's room set up!
Good luck with that!
Can't wait to see it when it's picture perfect!
love, Jule

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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