Saturday, July 24, 2010

My lil froggie

Im so glad the weekend is here. Not that weekends are drastically different around here or anything, but since this past week has been crazy Im looking forward to some downtime with my husband. It seems like every day this week has been something. Sometimes fun, sometimes not so fun.

On the downside i havent been able to get any creative me time all week which makes me cranky.... and Ive been to the Dr 3 times in the past 10 days.... and that makes me crankier.

On the upside Thursday night we went to a big family pool party for 5 summer birthdays. It was a blast! It was the first time that Aubrey got to play in a BIG pool. She squealed and laughed and kicked her legs like a little froggie. I cant believe how much fun she had. I really need to get her in mommy & me swim classes. I bet she'd love it!

Check her out in her cute lil suit.... nevermind her chubby mommy (hormone issues suck)

She also loved getting thrown into the air and daddy was happy to oblige. (check out her chunky thighs!!)

I did get a few things scrappy done last week Mostly design team projects that I cant reveal for awhile. Here is one a little card using Hero Arts stamps and leftovers from an old tallyscrapper kit

I havent been on a card kick since caardvarks but I made 6 last week . Maybe I'm getting my card mojo back :)

Have a happy Saturday :)


Marcie said...

Love the card & what a cutie pie you have!

Shell said...

I am with you on the no crafty and I am cranky bit LOL, I have been trying to do stuff all week - and it has not happened - the one time I DID sit down to do something - NOTHING would work - and that made me even crankier *rofl*

Susan said...

Precious Precious Pictures..I think you should make sure your mommy gets copies..