Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have been having a bad week. I just havnet been feeling very well. Im pretty sure I am anemic.(I go to the Dr on Monday) Im tired ALL the time and have been having more than my fair share of migraine headaches.  Needless to say my house isnt as clean as it usually is and I have spent more time that I should have scrapping because well.... it just makes me feel better.

So Matt came home yesterday bearing gifts! He bought me these beautiful vibrant flowers and he bought Aubrey 2 different balls. One is gigantic and blue (like the one I lost in the lake while playing volleyball drunk), the other is smaller and pink. Here she is playing with her ball when she was up and hyper in the middle of the night (what is up with that!)

She is really loving playing with the balls.Its so funny to watch her chase them around the room and talk to them. I cant believe how big she is getting. Only a few more days until she is 9 months old.

The flowers did make me feel a little better (that and he let me take a 2 hour NAP!!) Im just pretty sick of  feeling crappy and I feel guilty when I dont get everything done I think I should. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Tomorrow we are taking Aubrey going to the Olde Canal Days festival.  It should be a lot of fun!! Nothing like fair food and sunshine to take a girl feel a little better.(plus I dont have to make dinner so that is a bonus)

Have a happy saturday!


jeannine said...

Sure hope you are feeling better today and having fun at the fair! Housework can wait till you feel better!

jeannine said...
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hannamae said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Are you sure that you're not pregnant?

Liz said...

HOpe you feel better Jeannine is right house can wait hope it goes well at Doctors. Good luck and cyber hugs

Keely Yowler said...

Beautiful flowers! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

What a sweet guy you have - and a little cutie of a daughter too!

I hope you feel better asap.

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