Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A great week :)

Its been a fantastic week for me! To begin TALLY is back!! The lovely and talented Cristal Hobbs (aka Pinky) had taken the reigns of my favorite little place in cyberspace Tallyscrapper and is trying to bring it back to life. Tally is such a warm, friendly scrappy place where you can be you and get as raw and dirty as you'd like with your art. Nobody talks about you if you swear on your layout or do therapeutic non happy journaling. Tally ROCKS! Oh and there are points!

Ive also signed on to be the first guest designer for the new kit coming February 1st. I am pumped!

Secondly I got some fun fun news a few days ago. Looks like I'll be making cards again soon with some wicked cool stamps! Stay tuned for that announcement ;) Its very hush hush at the moment

I also got to scrap a TON this week... and that makes me happy. 8 layouts complete for 2011 already

Here is a little peeky peek of the February kit from Tidbitz in Time. Its so rich and romantic.... and I will say.... I dont ever think Ive seen so many packs of prima in 1 kit. Its amazing! Pics are dark because the weather here is so crappy. I need a lightbox fo sho

but one good thing about the crappy snowy weather is I got to bundle Aubrey up and let her play in the snow. Of course she took her gloves off and had to grab it

So she had to wear my gloves.... (they stayed on better) and boy did she have fun! She ran and marched. She stuck her face in it. She sat down in rolled around. She had a blast. It so was amazing watching her explore the new sensation of SNOW. She even cried when we took her inside. We distracted her with a hot bath and then she took a monster nap. It was a great day


Leah Crowe said...

aww she is so flippin cute sitting in that snow. My kids never liked the snow until around the 2 1/2 - 3 year mark, they would cry cry cry. ;) Congrats on your secret upcoming stamp gig, and WOOHOO for Tally and GDT there!

Marcie said...

The kit looks amazing and your little girl is too adorable!

scrappygal said...

I am so in love with those pics of Aubrey. She is just adorable and that gigantic fuzzy hood around that tiny sweet face. I could just scoop her up!

Congrats on the GDT it is well deserved! You have been around Tally for the long haul and you are so very talented! YOU GO GIRL! Can't wait to see what you do!