Friday, February 25, 2011

Survivor! week 2

Its another week and time for another Survivor challenge at tallyscrapper. I am blogging my layouts every week in an effort to make sure I make it to the finish.

This challenge this weeks comes from the lovely Laura Jean

So this season of Survivor has an interesting twist to it, its all about "Redemption Island"...I'm so excited to see how that first challenge on Redemption Island is going to go!!


My challenge to you this week is going to be all about "Redemption". Is their something in your past that you WISH you would have done differently, it could be as simple as that little white lie you told your hubby or as BIG as something you said or did to someone else. Well, I want to hear ALL about it....its time to REDEEM yourself!!!

*But here is the catch, go into a Member of Team Boston Rob and use a layout of theirs and scraplift can use any colors, embellishments you want, just scraplift the overall design of it....and make sure to link us up to that member's layout too :)


Here is my layout for week 2

and ummm the sticker that said TELL somehow fell off the layout before I scanned it. Im too tired to go back downstairs right now and hunt it down. LOL

Layout is about how I wish I could tell my younger self things that would have helped me. I was in a relationship with a man that basically killed my self esteem slowly over 4 years..... and I let him because I was in love. He was unhappy with himself and tried to pass it along to me.

I took my inspiration from the lovely Jael... I was in the mood for full on color and lets face it NOBODY does color like Jael. 


Liz said...

How cool Sarah as always hope all is well

I go by CHIC said...

Love the bold use of colour, and also reflecting on the past, how youve learnt from and obviously become a stronger Women. xx I have a giveaway if your interested to on my blog. xx