Monday, April 30, 2007

One year already?!

Its been a busy week or so since Ive blogged. Matt and
I celebrated our ONE year anniversary on the 22nd. We had a fabulous 2 days. Dinner at one of our favorite places (crab cakes, steaks, lotsa lotsa wine) The next afternoon we stopped at our favorite deli and then went to explore the great outdoors.(it was such a beautiful day). I took him up to the covered bridge I used to go to as a teen. Then we went up to Virginia Kendall park(ledges) and did a 2 mile trail. (I just found thatvirtual site and I'm in LOVE... go check them out)After all that exercise we sat on our fat booties at the movies and ate a big popcorn. hehehe

Later in the week Matt had to go out of town on business so I adjusted my work schedule so I could go with him. There wasn'tmuch for me to do at the hotel, but swim and play in the hot tub. Itwas very relaxing. I also found a hobby lobby!! Id never been to onebefore... so needless to say I spent at least an hour there wandering around and buying 50% off paper packs while Matt was working.

Now its business as usual again. Worked my booty off this weekend at work. On Sunday I got some scrapping done , and we hosted a drive by challenege at Caardvarks. Here is my little black and white baby. I just adore this poppy ink birdy cage stamp. I rushed home like a mad woman (from work at 3am) so I could get it. I normally dont get the "have to haves" but I couldnt help myself. Both the layout and the card are from the April Poppy Ink kit. I cant wait to see the new one tonight. :)


Yellow Fence said...

I love that black & white card. Very cool. Congrats on your anniversary!


Rachael said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Cool card!

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And super cute layout! Love the colors and the way the outlined in black looks!

Dawn Knapp said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the black & white card. That little birdie is too cute!

nicole said...

the card is terrific! i love birdies. happy anniversary! here's to many more! cheers!

TRACEY said...

sarah just read your blog and I love your lo's and cards Wesome stuff.
peaname traceylynne