Thursday, April 05, 2007

Only in Ohio

Yesterday was beautiful. Bright sunny and 80 degrees. I sat on my balcony for awhile reading "Interview with a Vampire" in the warm sunshine. When I left work last night at 1am it was 62 degrees. No jacket required.

Today it is 29 and snowing. Is this some sorta belated April Fool's joke? I already took my coat to the cleaners. I put screens in some of the windows. Im ready for spring. It had it's chance to snow in Dec and January... it just chose not to.

I love the spring. It always feels fresh and new. The air smells fantastic and it always makes me feel spunky. Last week the sunshine made me go to target and buy things. New funky wedges, a couple pairs of flip flops and a few cute tops. Oh and a box of red hair dye.

It was a business decision. See.... I needed high lights. So I could
A. $7 to Dye red for a bit and $93 to buy scrapbook supplies or
B: Get highlights.

I'll be blonde again by summer... but this is fun for now ;)


Torn-Paper Jen said...

Cute layout! The blue complements your hair so well. Great job.

Jaci said...

I'm in Ohio too and can't believe I woke up to snow this morning! I'm so ready for this to be over!!!

Cheers, Jaci

BTW...I like the red!

your girl chelsea morning said...

oh trust me babe--it's not just Ohio. We're freezin our buns off here in Minnesota--after it was in the 70's not to long ago--they got a foot of snow up north yesterday! I'm so ready for spring....and summer.

I think that was a good decision--scrapbooking supplies are important.

I'm going to get my highlights and tell my husband I need them since CKU is only a couple weeks ago, and my students can't see me with these roots! :) and then I'll spend my money on scrap supplies, lol.

have a good friday!

nicole said...

um...not just you. remember...i'm getting your weather maybe a day {not even} later! so, peter cottontail froze his *** off leaving easter eggs for everyone here. oh, and, yeah...i'd choose A over B as well...

Arielle said...

I love the changing of the hair color with the changing of the seasons. I go reddish for fall.
You look great.