Thursday, May 31, 2007

Holy Sunburn batman!

My official best friend is Hawaiian Tropic cucumber melon aftersun lotion

We had a wonderful time on the boat on Monday, but holy crap did I get burnt. Luckily for me, its only one arm that is super painful. My husband put too much sunscreen on my that arm.... and the moment it got wet, my entire arm was white. So I wiped off the white with a towel. 1 hour later my arm is fried.

And man does it HURT. Its tingly, I cant really raise it past my shoulder or it kills. I couldnt even wear a bra on tuesday. Its EVIL evil evil.

So Ive been stuck inside the last 2 days.... bored out of my skull.
I did get 2 layouts done yesterday. Hopefully a few more today. I like to get to play between design team gigs. I guess the one postive thing about not working is getting to scrap more for me :)

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Chels said...

lol that what happened to me on monday too, got n the boat and got sunburnt, been staying inside too